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  1. Legit Check DMP 11

    Just wanted to make sure these were legit before I made a deal.
  2. Legit Check Skate or Die

    Just wanted to make sure these were real before I made a trade. Thanks
  3. Legit Check De La High

    I just wanted to make sure these were real before I made a trade.
  4. Stussy sales.

    There's one this saturday at Los Altos High School down in Hacienda Heights.
  5. Nike Dunk High SB "Quagmire"

    I can get these when these drop next month. If anyone is interested let me know.
  6. Nike Dunk Low Premium SB / Ms. Pacman

    These are alright.. wouldn't mind coping.
  7. RELEASES: AJF9 pic Powder-Blue...

    soooooooooooo ugly..
  8. Legit Check Tiffs

    He's gonna retake some pix of the kicks. I'lll post them up as soon as i get them.
  9. Legit Check Tiffs

    They aren't my kicks. I don't think I can judge whether or not they are fake based on the color because the quality of the photos are so bad. Can you tell by the pattern of the croc skin?
  10. Legit Check Tiffs

    Not sure if these are fake or not. Let me know. thank youu
  11. Vegas Info

    If anyone in vegas wants a pair of purple blazers DS size 10. Hit me up and give me some offers.
  12. Legit Check De La Low

    I am not sure but I compared them to the fakeapedia and the holograms don't really match up.. Thanks
  13. New Nike Sb Mid - triumvir colab.

    They are elites, that's why the retail is so high. First ever elite mid. Maybe last? O.O
  14. New Nike Sb Mid - triumvir colab.

    I can get my hands on these soon. If you're lookin for em, let me know with your size. I'll try to get em for ya.
  15. RELEASES: Infared Jordan 1 Retro High

    i think thesee are pretty nicee. down to cop these.