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  1. Shit just got real. I can't wait to see how these turn out.
  2. I got mine from them too. They're pretty stiff at first, but once you break them in they're super comfy. Also, the material is really easy to clean.
  3. By far the cleanest Janoski ever. They're way better in person then I expected.
  4. Huge thanks to Amin for this. I'm one happy customer.
  5. I just put in my order. I'm stoked as fuck. I would creampie her until she has jizz coming out of her ears.
  6. I wear a 11.5 in Koston's and I've been having the same problem. Either shops sell out of them ridiculously fast, or they just don't get then. It's kind of a pain in the ass.
  7. Finally got a pair. I'm in love.
  8. Fuck is there any way to make the draft 1 hour later? I get off work at 6:30.
  9. Unleash the beast of pimpin'.
  10. J I need that damn tank top! You have to either sell me that one or help me find a Large haha.
  11. This just sold me on them. They look way better then the originals.
  12. You're going down Maarten! haha.
  13. Dan Plunkett is on Huf Footwear now. http://www.skateboardermag.com/industry-news/dan-plunkett-on-huf-footwear/
  14. Amen brother! I might be heading out to your hood in October if everything goes right.