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  1. ruckspin24

    Legit guy. Great communication, shipped out next day. Smooth transaction and easy to work with. Definitely would do business with him again.
  2. The eBay thread

    Dem Stu Pigeons. "Not the original first 30." Seems Legit. Link
  3. Looking to Buy DS 9.5 SB, NB, Jordans

    Bump. Mars IV's and Quagmire's off the list. Add: Black Carhartts Kobe VI Grinch Mango Barcelona
  4. Looking to Buy DS 9.5 SB, NB, Jordans

    Pm Or Email me. Definitely interested in quagmires and Jason's.
  5. Looking to Buy DS 9.5 SB, NB, Jordans

    bump. Anyone? Anything?
  6. LTB DS 9.5's: Black Supreme Low Homegun and Awaygun Flash McFly Hyperdunk Jordan IV Mars Jordan 1 Old Love Orange Supreme High's (no discolored tongues) NYC Pigeons (really need a size swap for 9's) Syracuse Quagmire Gore-tex Staple NB 575 Foot Patrol x New Balance (9-10) Tokyo Air Max 1 Atmos Air Max 1 Keep Rippin Cash in Hand and all kinds of trades. PM me or email dunksnwaffles@gmail.com
  7. Pm me about the 9.5 Levi's. I have trades.
  8. The Official Nike SB Dunk Pickup Thread - August 2012

    Appreciate the love fam. Nice Jedis, and those Star Wars lace locks are super dope. Melvin's, blue lobs, quagmires, OLNL, and chromeballs (you should get those in the mail to Nic for cement print) are all on point. Nice pick ups.
  9. The Official Nike SB Dunk Pickup Thread - August 2012

    I was told that the last picture posted would be the thumbnail for the thread (which is what happened in the July thread). That's why the Homeguns are at the end. I suppose the HG's will do..I'm just glad I deleted the first thread I posted or we would have been staring at Pushead 2's until September.
  10. I tried to keep the flashes going two months straight but had them swiped out from under me after I sent payment. So it goes... Shout out to 330CI for helping me verify that the samples are legit. Heaven's Gate Samples-FINALLY Jason Low Samples-(anybody looking to off DS highs in a 9.5 PM me) Pushead 2 Brian Anderson Blackpack J-Pack Baby Homeguns
  11. Zoom Tre McFly. These are really underrated IMO Trying to catch the glow in the dark..
  12. Great pick-ups everybody. Awayguns and Hunters a few pages back are on point. Loving the smaller sized Sharks and Flashes too.

    Two great pick-ups right there that you don't see everyday. That green on the Kicks/HI's is popping. Thanks Rick-those AM90's look nice, I'm a sucker for orange kicks. How's the comfort on the AM90 Huperfuses? Infrared's and Free's are on point too.
  14. Nike SB Dunk \"Bleached Pushead\"

    Buy 2 get one free? That's not a bad connect you have men!
  15. Nike SB Dunk \"Bleached Pushead\"

    Damn man, sorry to hear that. That really sucks. Sadly enough I'm not really surprised that there is a pair out there like that. Shitty that it's your pair though..