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  1. not DS but they only been worn a handful of times. pics on my ebay listing if interested.
  2. any of idiots that collect sbz wanna buy sum janos? distressed, inuits, fleece, obsidian gum, white gum 9-10
  3. jacob dm me through here, I cant send you a message for some reason
  4. #Nsbpodcast
  5. its me
  6. yea they look authentic. I'm curious to see what other shoes you got hold of
  7. happy holidays m8s, hopefully everyone got the usb memory sticks they wanted
  8. had to replay it because was only focused on ass
  9. just wait for a raffle..
  10. styleguide is where it was at, I wish i can go back and re-read the posts we've made, especially against dom lul
  11. Lmao
  12. dude you will once they hit sales rack
  13. how long is the camp out line?