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  1. The Longest Thread

    sidious writes: truth be told, i'm feelin Norg. Or snikes.
  2. The Dunk SB 'Heads Up!' thread

    Can Nike SB please stop with these same colored midsole and outsole?
  3. Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

    the two dudes laying down on the grass. my god.
  4. Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

    cm4521 writes: Yeah man it's been a while. Been lurkin for a minute finally decided to contribute something. This place is complicated now.
  5. Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

    Why hasn't anyone pushed Neku into oncoming traffic?
  6. The Longest Thread

    hahah quite the opposite actually. that is a crazy drug. dirty and fucks up your life, but crazy.
  7. The Longest Thread

    anyone ever do heroin?
  8. The Longest Thread

    Couldn't you have just done the stupid facebook group?
  9. The Official Gutter Mob Vs. Neku Thread.

  10. What if they were lows?

    dont try it at home? any 5 year old can do that shit.
  11. Nike SB Dunk Mid Ripstop

    nice concept. ewwwwww. need a different outsole. white on white wont do it for me.
  12. Supreme FS Thread

    grey box logo XL for sale. 2x worn. hit me up
  13. Supreme FS Thread

    black cairo hoodie, XL. Tried on once. Looking for $170 shipped.
  14. The Longest Thread

    know what the hardest thing is about rollerblading? telling your dad you're gay.