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  1. ^ I need one of those
  2. Nubian white queen in the flesh Â
  3. Sweet Don't remember posting that question, must of been drunk. I'll always have love for this site, still have my n-sb hat from back in the day haha
  4. What happened to this site? I remember coming a while back and it was some church website. Been gone a while, can anyone fill me in?
  5. Dope Info on these?
  6. ^Seriously i stopped for like 5 minutes starring at that blonde bitch. Stalker status i know but idc, id bone with no rubber.
  7. Don't know what else to say besides today was a good day.
  8. I'll just leave this in here. Enjoy
  9. Downloading indicud now. Hope its as good as i expected.
  10. This is how we Dew.
  11. ^ Don't forget about the bulls snapback. Also I'm pretty stocked about the new cartoons on netflix. Gonna start watching the justice league tonight.
  12. Just got my first car, already been pulled over 4 times under "reasonable suspicion" >:(
  13. God that was dreadful