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  1. ^^I feel you the 2's where it for it me or do these look a little like Jordan 1 low's..These are pretty fresh though.
  2. shouldn't have any trouble finding them on ebay- lol sucks. would be crazy if they did a ebay only release.
  3. if you keep your shoes in an air tight box away from oxidation you'll be straight-
  4. Got these for a steal on ebay for $75- why not!?
  5. 2005 AM 180's Distressed Denim- [/URL]
  6. I don't think there running out of ideas, but i do think there following what sells- retro's.
  7. I havent been this excited about a nike sb for a min. I think this is gonna be the first pair i double up on. I know they gotta look ill in person.
  8. Lastchild dope AM90's! I have not crabbed a pair of 90's for a minute!
  9. how many times are they going to retro that colorway? diyam Nike is playing it super safe with these 95 colors!
  10. if you want to get em WAIT!!! Eye shattering, breath gasping news.... via counter intel... Nike iD set to drop the AM1 hyperfuse this July 20th, AM90 fuse in August 31 and the Air 180 fuse Sept. 14!!!!
  11. SIK WIt IT! love the trainers!! Nice variety!
  12. SIK WIT IT!
  13. yo- forgot the name of those first dunks you posted. sik collection, love the trainers...looking for a pair now actually!!
  14. ^^"SIK wiT IT!"
  15. diyam- that 9th and Murs is the truth!!