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  1. If anyone is interested message me, they are all large except a few. I have about 50 shirts.
  2. I doubt it that you can pre-order them.
  3. Black and blue colorway all the way
  4. dope kicks. same here being in high school paying for your kicks is pretty hard when you dont have a job or parents handing you money.
  5. It's safe and everything there is 100% authentic but they are overpriced.
  6. Simple and clean but so fresh.
  7. Are people scared of posting the pictures? Lol its not like your going to get in trouble.
  8. Where the pictures at?
  9. Alright thanks man.
  10. Has any of you traded online and if you guys have had any problems with it.
  11. I got my pair for 119 + tax from undefeated. and fuck active for keeping all of the shoes in sm.
  12. When they release them online the website will probably crash because so many people are going trying to buy them.
  13. Does anyone know what the average price will be at stores?
  14. alright thanks