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  1. Legit check on south beach 8. The form of the shoe looks off and needed a legit check for reinsurance. Thanks in advance
  2. cm4521 writes: thank you
  3. Meeting with a local and just wanted to make sure everything checks our legit ! Thanks in advance !
  4. Tried getting a good shot of the tag but this is the best i could do with shit pic phone..
  5. The form of the shoe seems a little off and the “NIKE” on the heel threw me off..
  6. Sz 8.5 Vans x CDG x Supreme Era̢۪s up for grabs. PM for details
  7. Here you go. Appreciate the help !
  8. Got these in a trade and wanted to get them LC'd before do my part of the deal.
  9. This guy is legit. Second time dealing with Danny and everything went flawless. Thanks for the shoes ! Hope you like yours.
  10. Thanks
  11. Looking for Supreme x Campbells Vans sz 8
  14. How do those j pack look with black laces ?
  15. My shop selling the cavs for 200..