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  1. Very underrated shoe. Can't beat picking it up for $50 either. Sometimes Black Friday/Cyber Monday pays off. lol
  2. This guy is a complete scumbag. He purchased a pair of original black packs from me thru NSB marketplace. His address on here was used for delivery. I emailed him the tracking confirmation the next day after purchase. 3 days later, he emails me saying he never received the tracking # or the shoes. So I send the # again. 2 days later he emails me again saying that he still didn't receive the shoes and opened a Case against me on PayPal. I asked him on multiple occasions to provide me with his updated shipping address after he begged me to resend the shoes, when they were sent back to me.......BUT he NEVER answered. I disputed his claim and resent the shoes bc he said the postman went to the wrong address after he called to find out where the package was. I provided a new tracking# and copies of the correspondence with him to PayPal. All that time I was emailing him to update and get the address again from him. He still never answered. Today, I received an email from PayPal that they voted in favor of him and refunded his money. Now I'm down that money plus the cost of shipping the shoes twice AND my paypal account has now been frozen. What do you guys think??? Here's his email address: This scumbag fucked up my account and I can't use it now. Any help is appreciated. Thanks DJDeephouse
  3. Shadows
  4. These are just too clean!
  5. Anybody want to trade Digi floral Janos sz 12 for SB Concords??? Shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  6. If you can get these...... DO IT!!
  7. This weeks pick up: Milano. These are extra buttery! Colors really are sick!
  8. Just an FYI........ill have an extra pair for sale size 11.5. Hit me up
  9. Good transaction. Very smooth and quick payment. Do biz with him!ÂÂÂ
  10. Latest pic up. Highly recommend them.ÂÂÂ
  11. My sources tell me it's gonna be a dunk HI
  12. Green is dope
  13. This is just a mock up. Not supposed to happen. Too bad bc they look dope