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  1. i like poop in my mouth
  2. Â
  3. no and noÂ
  4. I half don't regret doing this
  5. costs a few bucks less to make compared to the others
  6. what do you think
  7. all i wear are janos now, whats up
  8. cleannnn
  9. Hope everyone had a good weekend --- this thing tho...
  10. So..what happens when we reach page 2000
  11. yup bro
  12. >july 30th >set up bbq >everyone arrives >"let's knock out these poke-stops real quick and we'll cook in an hour" >end up in jersey
  13. @sidious By default yes, I believe Sam/shark is taking lead for this one so it may change? but i'm assuming it's the same as the past 3 years
  14. how many pairs you down to? my cap of 25 pairs didnt go so well