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  1. WDYWT APRIL 2012

    clean fire red Vs, always liked those '99 releases better dope mulders macklethal
  2. very clean wheat forbes
  3. WDYWT January 2012

    dope bisons, Pothead it's been a long ass time for me
  4. very nice Lodens above!
  5. This or That SB/Jordan edition

    Fire Reds. Black/Gold Is or Takashi Is?
  6. The *OFFICIAL* Bay Area Thread

    Shit, never posted here. Happy New Early New Years Bay Area
  7. Dear NSB...

    My prayers and wishes are gonna be with you fam. Stay up. Much Respect.
  8. Interview the Person Below You

    You already know. Do you have a significant other?
  9. What One's Wearing-- December

    Nice IIIs Zep, clean fits everyone. Last day of 2009.
  10. What One's Wearing-- December

    Nice fits everyone, Goretexs are shining in their time of weather
  11. Interview the Person Below You

    Haven't seen it yet. But from what I've heard, the movie is crackin. If you have already experienced both, would you prefer crabbing or fishing?
  12. This or That SB/Jordan edition

    True Blue IIIs. BRed Is or Vamps?
  13. What One's Wearing-- December

    Damn z_torfa, hella just smashed on me with those Alphanumerics... Gloomy day, just got back from The City.
  14. This or That SB/Jordan edition

    Homeguns. Medicom IIIs or Metallic Is?
  15. Nike Sb Calander for Solixpnoy

    Sounds like a great cause, I'd help any way I can. GMoney, I'm going to copy what you have in your sig and put it in mine as well. I also had a question, while taking the pictures are we aiming to take somewhat of the same kind of picture but just different shoes like what sharp has above? Or are we doing a different kind of picture per month/page?