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  1. Vintage Skate Heat

    Wanna sell those?
  2. Vintage Skate Heat

    Osiris Peter Smolik 1999 Koston K1 1997 DC Syntax 1996 ES Stylus 1996 Rodrigo TX 2005 Consolidated Drunk High 2004? Grail Status
  3. Vintage Skate Heat

    PM me for selling or trading.
  4. Vintage Skate Heat

    Signed by The Man himself. K3 OG Colorway. DEADSTOCK. 2000 Release K3 Deadstock K3 2000 Release Accel 2008 Lakai Koston VOTE RELEASE STAY TUNED! MORE HEAT TO COME......ÂÂÂ
  5. Kc\'s hightops

    I have all of these kicks too! Good taste my man. The GUCCI'S are one of my favorites.
  6. Muska

    Anybody have these shoes!?
  7. old es skate shoe collection and co

    Hey, do you have the OG Es Muska?
  8. Vintage skate shoe heat

    Hey man, are you will to part with the ES Muska?What size are they? Thanks
  9. Muska

    Anybody out their have the Es Muska? Size 11-13? HIT ME UP!
  10. Muska

    I AM LOOKING FOR ES MUSKA; BLACK, BROWN, BLACK/RED, Grey. Size 11.5, 12, or 13. Please message me if you want to sell.....