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  1. I purchased these rayguns and need a second opinion Click on the img and they will pop up
  2. I want my old account bavk
  3. Boostd writes:
  4. Very nice collection bro
  5. I have some look for me on solecollectors under krayzsb or email me asap
  6. I need size 9.5-10.5 i have a size 11 vnds to trade or all just sale them for 100$ get at me here or solecollectors under krayzsb same name all answer faster there !!!
  7. Lol cool bro yeah also tge 3 stripes r suppose to be grey not brown
  8. I dont know man the three stripes look of in my opinion
  10. I have bunch of kicks listed on solecollectors get at me Futura P-rods sb Optical illusion sb Sk8 HI a bunch of stuff Look me up krayzsb iss
  11. Dang you guys in la valley got fucked with all these huge as fucking lines going to the most popular shop fucked that i went to CHURCH OF SKATAN Santa barbara 5 people in line thats counting me and my homie so 3 people in the morning me and my friend got there 5 people in total when they open at 930am The only people so we got the kicks for 83+$. Everyone else 185$ lol here the pic i took
  12. Trade Buc Plus cash lol