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  1. The Longest Thread

    I've been getting a lot of shirts at old navy and gap. Just straight up plain ass shirts. I think I'm getting old.
  2. The Longest Thread

    I wanna go to Japan gotta wait a bit though.
  3. The Longest Thread

    Are forums dying or something?
  4. The Longest Thread

    Nah. Their trail shoes are coo.
  5. The Longest Thread

    Doesn't it just warm your heart when you give the homie some sbs and they actually wear it rather than stock them?
  6. The Longest Thread

    Iceland is as cool as they say it is.
  7. The Longest Thread

    Still here. Cool. @sidious So we're like the warriors? Cool. Hope it's not like last year, though. Top dog then fuck up at the end and lose everything.
  8. The Longest Thread

    Man, I hope the rest of the year goes as planned.
  9. The Longest Thread

    Piano seems like it would be easier. Also, if you don't use the language often you tend to forget it. I used to know French, but now...
  10. The Longest Thread

    Never been a fan of Emma Watson. Shay Mitchell has been my favorite for some time now.
  11. The Longest Thread

    America seems to be getting too weird for California.
  12. The Longest Thread

    Dave Chapelle was probably my favorite SNL host.
  13. The Longest Thread

    Didn't that ghost beef happen 2 or 3 years ago? Â Someone still salty or what?
  14. The Longest Thread

    Lol what the fuck is happening.
  15. WDYWTD 2016 Quater 4

    Nah fam hatchback lyfe is tight.