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  1. Selling DS Tiffanys. 10.5 lacebag not attached NO TRADES. $850 plus fees OBO. No lowballer. Email demskrew at gmail dot com for info. Serious buyers only please. http://tinypic.com/r/rrk3sm/9 Â
  2. its been while since ive posted anything new. im starting to sell most of my shoes to make room for others, so if interested message me. Got these a while back. Will get more next month.
  3. Nice collection! ive been hunting for jpacks and both lobsters, hard to get them DS at a decent price.
  4. Got these
  5. My 1st pair of WTD I fucked up, some kids where playing with fireworks and one flew in a lot a big fire started. They just stared at it and did not do anything, so my brother and I ran over an used the water hose to take it out. I tried cleaning them an well made them worse. So I got a new pair. My 3rd pair of these
  6. More to come, been busy with school and USMC.
  7. great collection man, keep it up.
  8. I got Syracuse, and Michigan DS but no lace bag attached took them off an the Michigan's yellow laces are missing, just have the blue ones. email at demskrew@gmail.com if interested
  9. I got DS unluckys sz 10.5, but i took off the attached lace bag. HMU if interested at demskrew@gmail.com
  10. Last pair of this year
  11. nothing special
  12. Nice collection!
  13. My B day is tomorrow Sept 1, got these just in time.