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  1. Stepped up that food photography game, nice Macross!
  2. Haven't posted here in a minute. Banh mi Reuben Black bean burger Stir fried vegetables, Chinese broccoli w/ oyster sauce, kung pao tofu Tofu al pastor
  3. Dope pickup, mang. That's the next lens on my list as well. Lmk how you like it!
  4. Nice pickup on those! The Japan Heritage model uses denim fabric previously used by Samurai, a brand known for their top shelf quality. As far as brand suggestions, just give Self Edge or Blue in Green Soho a look. Every brand they carry features some of the finest goods out there.
  5. Style Forum is a good spot to learn and has a pretty knowledgeable community. The guys at SuperFuture are going to be your best bet tho for the most denim info on the net, though they're not as noob friendly, imo.
  6. For your first concern, stick with the 31s. For the second question, there's no straightforward answer. There are a number of factors that can be used to determine how much denim stretches and denim weight isn't really too big of one.
  7. Been a minute since I've been in here.
  8. Live rat. Be a live sacrifice in a Satanic ritural? -Or- Be eaten alive by a rampant cannibalistic colony?
  9. Interesting to see Artist on here. He does great work. What denim did you select?
  10. ^Get their New Standards. They have a nice taper so they're a nice slimmed down cut but aren't too skinny at all. I agree. I personally think Nudies are slightly better overall with more attention to things like the construction and I prefer the denim on them as opposed to APC that fade greyish. Both are good choices though. It's all personal preference when the prices are that close.
  11. Failed today. Still working on a friend with benefits. Shit's like smoking; hopefully once I get over that three-day-hump, I'll be in the clear.
  12. Yeayuh. Paradise is da beez kneez.
  13. Essentially what happened to me last week. Spent the whole night clubbing with one of my exes and we made it onto her bed, when one of our friends came stumbling in and vomited all over the place. I commend your efforts. I choked it twice that night.