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  1. Official Febuary 2013 Nike SB Pick Up Thread.

    Wow Paul browns and wheats? Haven't seen pairs in that condition in years. Good shit
  2. Nike SB Dunk \"Bleached Pushead\"

    selling mine for 235 cuz dude i was tryna trade wit for j-packs only wants cash. LMK asap.
  3. Nike SB Dunk \"Bleached Pushead\"

    thanks bruh, appreciate the help !
  4. Nike SB Dunk \"Bleached Pushead\"

    yeah the only reason i'm selling my 13 for that price is so i can cop the size 12. cause thats around the price i seen sz 12s goin for. i'm not really gonna go out of my way to sell for 200 if the cheapest i can get a 12 is 250 feel me? i would prefer a trade
  5. Nike SB Dunk \"Bleached Pushead\"

    Yeah but I'm tryna get a 12 so I can rock it.
  6. Nike SB Dunk \"Bleached Pushead\"

    heard no stores got a size 12.5 from the employees at btnc?? crazy. if anyone tryna trade a 12 for a 13 hmu.
  7. LTB Nike SBs Size 13

    i got the new pushead 2's size 13 ds if u interested.
  8. SBBALL23

    Great buyer. Dude was on point with payment and was easily contacted whenever needed. Do business wit this guy! 100% Legit.
  9. cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

    those michael laus are sick dude !
  10. BLAZE1234

    Legit dude! Came up with all the money w/ no BS excuses. Even asked dude to do me a favor by choppin the money up into smaller balls and he pulled through. Do business with this guy! Good Buyer!
  11. Entourage dunk high custom

    crazyyy !! do a size 12 for me ahaha
  12. got a DS 11.5 looking for a size 12. anyone looking to trade hmu!
  13. Official Supreme Spring/Summer 2012 Thread

    lol my bad bruh
  14. 11.5

    looking for sz 11.5 smurf dunk lo & 11.5 vans wtaps eras or supreme denim eras