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  1. woah thats lit sounds like good news for now
  2. i would like one as well mine is hell
  3. at least you can change yours. but then again my psn id is godlike so why would i ever change it space is the place
  4. pretty toney/killah priest was fucking lit last nite
  5. flame points from who though
  6. yeah i need paydays like that, ugh
  7. resale on yeezy powerphase is ridic' i need to get in on this fuckery and make me some monies
  8. well im no follower and do not wear sb's of any sort lol, fuck nike fight me
  9. got kung fu shirt i gold, lit if anyone sees a black one size medium for sale let me know s'il te plait
  10. who tf still wears sb's bye richard
  11. crippling pessimism prevents me from said hope not to mention i apparently look like ziggy marley/kid cudi
  12. looking to teach myself japanese, and the piano had a blast learning french and want to replicate that with another language
  13. my liver is russian my lungs is dutch
  14. nowhere incoming
  15. ohnomite is full of bangers