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  1. two of my homies copped bikes
  2. no, fuck nike
  3. that isnt a 'what the' dunk
  4. following
  5. hobos dont ask anything in return so why not they got nothing to lose as well so bon appetit mon ami, c'est bon
  6. ive bought tons of rare pieces via grailed in these past few months, definitely worth giving it a look
  7. nice cole trying to get out of the sneaker game for a little bit, stack monies
  8. did you buy them?? link isnt working for me
  9. not sure if thats good or bad
  10. thankful i dont have any allergies and i saw a pair of puttys size 10.5 listed for $275 recently, so somewhere around that i guess
  11. ima flip em smack it up and flip it then i rub it downnnn
  12. woah thats lit sounds like good news for now
  13. i would like one as well mine is hell
  14. at least you can change yours. but then again my psn id is godlike so why would i ever change it space is the place
  15. pretty toney/killah priest was fucking lit last nite