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  1. got kung fu shirt i gold, lit if anyone sees a black one size medium for sale let me know s'il te plait
  2. who tf still wears sb's bye richard
  3. crippling pessimism prevents me from said hope not to mention i apparently look like ziggy marley/kid cudi
  4. looking to teach myself japanese, and the piano had a blast learning french and want to replicate that with another language
  5. my liver is russian my lungs is dutch
  6. nowhere incoming
  7. ohnomite is full of bangers
  8. want new avy but always get the urge to switch back to this one
  9. kinda want the burg stingrays but dont need anymore vans
  10. weddings?? meh
  11. logos are dope, bring sandy back to sb, ugh
  12. niceeeee a couple of the homies scored pairs as well
  13. sadderday incoming
  14. i have tons of great shoes, just not nikes. not getting finessed by nike anymore lol. they might me making some sort of attempt at getting their rep back but its far too late for me, moved on to better products already. quality is still meh, shape and fit are still meh, and now retro is the new name of the game. not interested
  15. the kung fu shirt is a must have for me, in yellow and black. besides that im hoping the collabs are decent. especially the vans