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  1. The Longest Thread

  2. The Longest Thread

  3. The Longest Thread

    pigeons 2.0s gonna make me come out of sneaker retirement
  4. The Longest Thread

    hell yeah. lets do itttttttttttttt
  5. The Longest Thread

    ended up going 7-2 for trials. shoulda flawlessed it, but we choked. overall experience: MIDA Team Shot/10
  6. The Longest Thread

    im not a great PVPer, but im down
  7. The Longest Thread

    I jumped into it with my buddy just to check it out, but didnt get very far. Def want to do it soon though. Beat the nightfall last night and got up to 288 power/light. and yeah gotta play fo sho
  8. The Longest Thread

    any Destiny 2 homies out there on XB1, add me: sStrobe
  9. The Longest Thread

    any1 lookin to sell some preme?
  10. The Longest Thread

    didnt get to buy the preme sticks my inner weeb weeps
  11. The Longest Thread

    damn, ive been at this job for a year as of today
  12. The Longest Thread

    now these are something I can get behind https://sneakernews.com/2017/08/17/lance-mountain-nike-sb-blazer-swimming-pools-special-edition-box/
  13. The Longest Thread

    looks good m8
  14. The Longest Thread

    appreciate it, but im good. I just rock flyknits mostly now and the only things I have my eyes on are older supreme pieces. only SB i'd buy would be flashes probably