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  1. starting to get the hang of this options thing. emphasis on starting...
  2. ^Copped the zebras All white yeezys (4/29) Earth Yeezy's probably sometime in May
  3. yeah these look fine
  4. north face collab this thursday. better than last season's imo. passing though, too much branding/patch action going on. plus hard to justify spending $500 on a jacket I'll hardly wear in the next 7 months
  5. zZzZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. gl m8
  8. teaching myself things is fun
  9. those hufs <3 I like the looks of those vans as well
  10. after a google search I can see why
  11. actually like the lacoste stuff but still a pass for me dawg
  12. trying to figure out if these nudes of emma watson r legit or nah
  13. week 3 = zzzzzzzzzzzzz TNF n Stone Island collabs plz
  14. hahaha funny you linked those. Stumbled on both, have read up a bit, finding my footing. WSB is fucking hilarious. Appreciate the help