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  1. you're welcome. hope things are well with you dude <3
  2. knocked a supreme grail off my list. 09 highly decorated grey hoodie. just need the camo colorway now
  3. no, guess the post got taken down.
  4. yo homies can someone LC these for me?
  5. the sites IG seems way better than it used to be. nice to see edit: will be trying to pick these up tomorrow
  6. i need to stop buying shit
  7. its good. my mom is a fucking gangster
  8. my mom likes to follow supreme for various reasons and we were talking tonight and the result was I'm putting a box logo sticker on her car
  9. boring levi's collab this week. hooded jacket and jeans
  10. few hundred at least. you never see them for sale, but the SB market (I know they aren't SBs, but still) is down as a whole so that might drag down the price a bit. I'm getting destroyed by my allergies
  11. going for the 3 spheres in the AM edit: copped
  12. Yeah I got through for the Breds and Zebras manual. Once on my phone and once on my laptop. Kept the breds, flipped the zebras. Didn't get the whites this weekend. Sat in the queue for like 2 hours then said fuck it and went and got tacos. Maybe give adidas a call or email but yeah that doesnt bode well with no email
  13. MC Esher collab this Thursday. Cool concept, meh execution. I do like the 3 sphere T tho.
  14. REESE FORBES RETRO MAY 25TH. picture from sneaker news
  15. just seeing this now but EDIT: ALL WHITES THIS SATURDAY, LETS MAKE IT 3 IN A ROW