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  1. somehow, someway I copped
  2. based god plz let me cop le yeezys. let me be a vicious tiger in the wild mauling the fuck out of a zebra as i swiftly bring it death and into my cart
  3. what a shit show that was. think I got the Sade shirt in navy. wanted the field hoodie though
  5. Dunk Low Elite
  6. Anything and everything Adidas. Monochrome NMD pack this Friday (2/24) Zebra Yeezy's this Saturday (2/25) Copped the breds 2 weeks ago, looking to go 2 for 2 in Feb.
  7. lets see some pics m8
  8. First online drop this Thursday (2/23) What are you guys looking to pick up this season? Think I'll be going for the Fields Hoodie and bank on the collabs being good because overall I'm not super impressed with the preview. (see below)
  9. going to take that as a yes
  10. can we make this site great again so I can quit this job and write/blog/etc?
  11. put. my. dick. in. your. ear. and. fuck. what. you. heard.
  12. copped the yeezys
  14. louis ck is a funny dude