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  1. Mary Jane thread

    Happy 710 NSB brownbear22 writes: how'd your scouts turn out?[/quote] It ended up pretty nice for my first grow 4.4 ounces of some mids with more experience it could of easily been a top shelf strain.I was happy with it though
  2. Mary Jane thread

    New glass
  3. The Longest Thread

    Any syrup connects in norcal?
  4. Mary Jane thread

    Yea it's been everywhere recently. Week 9
  5. Mary Jane thread

    Latest update 7 weeks into flowering
  6. Mary Jane thread

    Nice little 2 gram nug my grandma gave me haha feels good to live in a stoner family. thanks man,
  7. Mary Jane thread

    Im aiming for 10 weeks so they should be dried and cured by Christmas time maybe a little earlier.
  8. Mary Jane thread

    A little update for anyone interested 5 weeks into flowering
  9. Nike SB Blazer Camo Custom

    God damn, I dont like usually like blazers or camo but these are too nice.
  10. Mary Jane thread

    So here's a quick video update on the ladies OK, I might check them out next time I'm up that way I camp out that way everyone in a while nice to know there is a good dispensery there.
  11. The "Everything" Janoski Thread V.3

    Instant cop ! Ive been waiting for a floral print janoski for so long,prayers are finally answered.
  12. Mary Jane thread

    Are you talking about river city phoenix? if so I've been there I like them alot good staff. Ill defiantly check out nor-cal alternative as soon as I can good clubs are scarce now.
  13. Mary Jane thread

    I havnt been there, I think it might be shutdown unless they dont have a weedmaps menu I know there are a few that dont.
  14. Mary Jane thread

    I think 19th and S right across the street from safeway.
  15. Mary Jane thread

    Got some nice clones, All About Wellness hooked it up with 10 Girl scout cookies clones for 100$. If anyone is sac you should check them out great clones,great flower selection and a great staff.