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  1. chuckUFarlie

    What's up my brotha's!!! Looking for a VNDS or DS pair of Freddy's size 10 finally. Hit me up!
  2. NIke Dunk High SB California QS

    Well if you don't like the highs then how about redoing the lows? http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/launch/c/2004-07/nike-dunk-low-premium-sb-31st-state Maybe these will be more comfortable?
  3. Legit Check Tiffany Dunk Low

    Hello, can you double check these for me thanks.
  4. Official Price Check Thread

    I got some DS Bison's from a cool guy in Singapore some months back for $280.00 shipped to CA. I probably shouldn't but I don't like to have the lace bags attached to the shoes so I cut the plastic clip and keep the laces inside the shoe.
  5. Legit Check Snake Eye's/ Snake Skin Dunk Low

    I don't want to dig all the shoes out to retake the inner tag picture on each one so I will just list and identify the inner tag pics that I used for this post. Thanks. This is the original shoe/ inner tag that I ordered from China before the shoe released here. And here is the one I ordered on eBay from a trusted seller awhile after the shoe release (these came from New York). Here is the Gamma dunks inner tag (ebay shoejockey). This is the 3M swoosh dunk from Premiere. And here are the tags from my CCS order. Grey Dunk Red J pack Dunk This is the inner tag for the second set of Red Jpack Dunks which I ordered through ebay from shoejockey. I hope having them all in line kind of makes it easier to notice the elongated 2. The one thing I am taking away from this is to just wait until the shoe gets here (USA) before I purchase it. Hope this helps others out there and if someone can post a picture of their snake skin/ eye inner tag that would be great. Thank you,
  6. Legit Check Boca Jr Dunk Low

    Since Brazil didn't win the cup I guess that's why I was able to pick these up for a good price. I hope these do turn out to be a win, please check them out. Thanks. [/URL]

    All High pickups so far in July.
  8. Legit Check Tiffany Dunk Low

    Hello, just got these from someone in Hawaii, I didn't get a lay but at least they threw in some socks. I have been waiting on a pair of these for a long time, and I tried to study other examples/ pics on this site and around the net so I hope these really check out. Thanks,
  9. Legit Check Red Mahogany Hemp Dunk Low

    Thanks to Meek for flying a kite on these. I did not think that the guy was going to ship these or ask for more money because I think I got a great deal now, they just need to check out , once again thanks for the heads up Meek! [URL=http://s1299.photobucket.com/user/chuckufarlie2/media/Crimson%20Hemp%20Dunk%20Lows/IMG_2377_zps2ffb1e9e.jpg.html] Thanks.
  10. Shoe Tissue used in older SB's

    I read some post on nike talk awhile ago regarding some kind of rot that will appear on the old tissue paper of older nikes and was wondering if any of you have seen it appear on some of the shoes you may have owned or bought. I have a couple of brown & orange box SB's and one of them came to me with the shoes in zip lock bags and there were also silica bags in the box. I am wondering if this effect will also eat up the shoe box or the shoes. I have included a picture of the tissue, am I being paranoid or should I start quarantining boxes that have any sign of this. Just as a precaution I have thrown out the tissue. Does this look like Rot, smoking stains, humidity? Please check it out and tell me what you think.
  11. Legit Check SBTG

    I've been looking for these for a long time now and I finally got them. The serial number tag looks like other ones that I have seen here and online, but please check them out. Thanks, [IMG] [URL=http://s1299.photobucket.com/user/chuckufarlie2/media/SBTG%20Dunk%20Low/IMG_2331_zpse441da3a.jpg.html]
  12. Legit Check C&K Dunk Low

    Hey there, on a recent trip to Las Vegas I hit this (to bad I was only playing quarters): And had enough left over after the weekend to get this: I hope they check out. That way I won't feel like I pissed away what I won. Thanks,
  13. Legit Check Snake Eye's/ Snake Skin Dunk Low

    Ok, here are pictures of the shoes I ordered from CCS identified by the order information sticker(s) that they put on my shipment. The third pair (Red Dunk Low J-Pack) was ordered from the same EBay seller which I purchased the Orange Gamma dunks from. CCS: Here are the one's from the EBay seller: The difference between the grey dunks and both sets of red Jpacks is the font or boldness of the "UPC" lettering and the red Jpacks don't have the weird elongated number"2" that seems to hook pretty sharp (does this have something to do with the sort of release the shoe is)? It would be nice to get some picks of other serial number tags from a couple of the other members on here that bought the snake eye/skin shoes too.
  14. Legit Check Snake Eye's/ Snake Skin Dunk Low

    I forgot to mention that the Serial number from the red j-pack dunk low looks different from the ones I have shown on this post. Maybe it has something to do with different factories?