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  1. The Longest Thread

    Missing the "05" quality. RIP SFKICKS
  2. Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

    Shit's terrible
  3. WDYWT March Madness

    ^Killer. Need to break mine out now that the weather is getting nicer
  4. Opinion about girls who wear Sb's.

    Never came across a girl that wore SBs
  5. the threads about the domain

    Interesting stuff Sid. Wish I could buckle down and learn some coding
  6. FTCSF x Nike SB?

    I don't post much, but these are a must
  7. Eric Koston SB

    Having a wide foot, I needed to go up a half size on the K2 Also, if anyone has any leads on a Pink K2 in a 12 for $140 or under, PM me
  8. Up and coming brands.

    I feel like every brand is based around that sub-culture. Where on the page is the product?
  9. DQM General x Vans I Love New York Collection

    Really liking the authentics
  10. Nike SB Eric Koston 2 Easter

    It's impossible to find these
  11. Nike SB Eric Koston 2 Easter

    My shop first told me they would get them so I waited. Of course they didn't get them and now they are sold out in a ton of places. If someone comes up on a shop that has them still, please PM me
  12. Bunch of stuff

    Thanks Sid! Never was really gone, just lurking a bunch lol
  13. Bunch of stuff

    http://myworld.ebay.com/gen34x4 Hit me up with offers, etc
  14. Official Supreme Pick-Up Thread 2013

    Quality pick up guys. I LOL'd at the drop 1 pic
  15. WDYWT MARCH 2013

    I see you Christian killing the game