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  1. I might be the only one who kinda likes these.
  2. Trinidad James.
  3. Everything looks amazing.
  4. Did anyone catch the save by Tim Thomas in the second OT? I couldn't believe my eyes.
  5. I've gotta say, at first I thought these guys were whack, but after reading up on them and listening to more and more of their music (specifically Tyler, The Creator), I'm starting to like them. Their different sound is really refreshing, even if they are talking about some gross shit.
  6. When I said that, I meant currently. Maybe the Thrashers and 'Yotes have a smaller fan base.
  7. Even if a whole fan base votes for 1 player, that's not nearly enough votes to get selected into the All-Star game. That is also a bad argument, seeing as the Islanders may have the smallest fan base of all the NHL teams.
  8. Really? Isles fan love JT. Even if we didn't like him, that's no reason to not be selected as an All-Star.
  9. Finally there is an NHL thread. Can someone tell me why Tavares wasn't selected to be in the All-Star game?
  10. Falcons vs Patriots. I see the Patriots winning the Superbowl.
  11. I really like these. I think they would look good with white stitching instead of the green.
  12. and quoting.
  13. The fact that I have to log in every time I visit this site is very annoying. Please PLEASE fix that.
  14. Post pics so he can sleep tonight. I believe you though, nice pick-up!
  15. I think it's a pretty cool idea. It may reduce total posts, but it's not like that matters anyway.