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  1. Â Vote for my group Minor Problemz!!! www.strangearrange.com (Minor Problemz)
  2. IkeHatesMike's Collection

    I'm interested in those Ginos...what size are they?
  3. Dunk of the Year Thread

    I'd have to go with FTCs and the Red Corduroy dunks.
  4. Official December 2013 Dunk Sb Pickup Thread!!

    pokernubz writes: NDS...they are in great condition though.
  5. Official December 2013 Dunk Sb Pickup Thread!!

    Got one of my grails the other day...Blue Lobs and also picked a pair of Lordless Warrior blazers for cheap, my first pair of blazers and I'm not disappointed.
  6. Sellinger Raffle!

    I'm down.
  7. The OFFICIAL November Pick Up Thread

    Excuse the old date...when I took the pic the forum wasn't up yet and I don't feel like taking a new pic.
  8. LC on Aqua Fuel Mids

    The tag is one of the main reasons I don't think they are legit also the strap it's barely attached to the shoe. Thanks in advance.
  9. Sellinger18 writes: Yeah Chance the Rapper is pretty dope...his mixtape is very different.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TErySTMbFlk

    My pick ups so far...yes I just got the Drake album today as well lol.
  12. What were your first sb's?

    Peacock, boarder blues, and trail ends...got them at all the same time.
  13. MusicKidd842's "Collection"

    My name is Michael i'm 20 and this is my Nike SB "collection. I got my first pair of SB's in back in 2009 my sophmore year of high school. I actually got 3 pairs at the same time. I got a pair of boarder blue lows, peacock mids, and some trail end lows. My half sister gave them to me cause she used to collect when she was in high school but stopped once she got to college and I got her left over shoes. I never seen of heard of SB's before these but I fell in love with them instantly. To me no other shoe could compare to them. The addiction grew slowly but surely. My "collection" is small, unimpressive and has no "heat" do but every shoe I have I truly do like.
  14. Official August 2013 Dunk SB Pickup Thread

    Tauntauns, Sea Crystal Mids, and FTC Finallys. Shout out too Meek04 for hooking me up!!
  15. The "Everything" Janoski Thread V.3

    Can you wear Janoskis if you have wide feet?