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  4. Im looking for the following in a 10.5 or 11 DS or VNDS: Mochas Jedis Black Packs Ray Guns (home or away) Any BTTYS Blue J-Packs Brown Pack His Hufs Thanks for looking
  5. entourage
  6. Im looking for some entourages and some shrimps in a 10.5 Also looking for some bred 11's sz 10.5 Paypal ready Contact me thru PM or text 281-627-2709
  7. Im looking for a DS pair of entourages size 10.5 You can contact me thru PM or text: 281-627-2709 I have cash ready so offer up!
  8. I'm looking for the following in a 10.5, Preferably DS: Mocha Syracuse Kentucky UNLV Villanova St. Johns Jedi Big Gulp Brown Pack Black Pack Unlcuky Raygun Entourage Bison Gino Flash Loden Hunter I'm Paypal ready and I have cash in hand Contact me thru PM or text: 281-627-2709 Thanks for looking
  9. I'm looking for the be true to your school dunks in a size 10.5, preferably DS. I'm paypal ready and i have cash on hand Contact me thru PM or text: 281-627-2709 Mostly looking for Syracuse, Villanova, and UNLV but hit me up with whatever you have Thanks for looking
  10. Im looking for the following in a 10.5 must be DS or VNDS: Entourage Mocha Gino 3 Black Pack Wheat High Jedi Unlucky Lebanon Blazers PM or text me with offers I have money ready to go: 281-627-2709
  11. Fuck that shop they charged 150 for the nontourages, then said they only got 4 pairs. Worst part though is that there was a line of like 25 people outside for 2 hours and they didnt say shit until the store opened, even though they were inside the whole time. Perfect example of a shop that isnt run by skaters and that is just trying to capitalize off of the hype.