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  1. Official: NSB64 2008

    supremes-hufs are fucking gross. futura's
  2. Hi I'm a newby! KEFLON

    sell me those FC'S if there size 8.5-9.5
  3. help me out guys

    ^^wow thanks a bunch man. e-props.
  4. Official: NSB64 2008

    supas bisons.
  5. Red Bull New Era Hats

    I just get mine from ryan sheckler.
  6. legit check non-pat purple avengers

    Legit boxtag shape colors inside tag Get dated and tagged pics and your golden kiddo GL
  7. All sizes 13+ are legit???

    there's fakes of everything.
  8. Post what made your day

    Waking up.
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

    they came in size 12 and 13, nike doesn't really produce dunk sb's in 12.5
  10. Is it me or are ISS forums a little difficult to navigate

    Not really a question.
  11. An interesting take on Active Mail Order

    yea this article pretty much sucks. Waste of time.
  12. Baltimore Police Case

    Its not about one bad cop in the city of baltimore, its the fact that this happens every single day and it needs to stop. Just becuase there not documented when it happens doesn't mean that the people that are getting abused by the stupid ego trips that these cops are on doesn't mean that its not wrong. Its about ethics and when you don't perform at the level of ethics and proffesionalism that your job entails, wouldn't you get fired? This cop should be terminated from his job and skateboards around the world need to unite and start a coalition to end the abuse and ego trips that cops take out on kids that are just skateboarding. This cop used unnecessary force, insulted his intelligence and threw personal remarks at this kid. This needs to stop and if we have to email every single police station from city's of documented cases then we will. I'm not standing around and taking this bullshit anymore are you?
  13. Nike SB Stefan Janoski Pro Model

    I thought the same thing till I actually skated a pair. Trust me, trainers skate damn good.
  14. Mary Jane thread

    My god, I wish someone would send me some of this.
  15. Skateboard Pictures

    ipuss, you almost kicked the shit out of your face