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  1. PoopsMagee

    Zero Originality

    A threads just like this got locked because it offended one of our Gamestop employed mods. I changed the title and removed the word "suck" which I guess is what offended him. I'm not trying to create a fuss here, but these videos have useful information that can help prevent people from...
  2. PoopsMagee


    Traded some Khaki's for some Paul Ulrich's with my man Weezer He didn't have any refs so I asked him to ship first, he was totally cool about it and most importantly 100% legit shipped the shoes right away and they got here with a quickness gotta add that he's got some of the...
  3. PoopsMagee


    Sold him some Sandalwoods in a meetup. Dude looked a little gay Hah nah this kid's been my bro for YEARS, I know he's just gettin started but he's fully legit. Me and my refs fully vouch for him. Aight foo now where's my $10?
  4. PoopsMagee


    Just sold him some Pee-Wee's. Paid quick with good communication. Thanks alot man enjoy dem kicks
  5. PoopsMagee


    aZnNoOdLeChEf came legit and paid lightning fast. Whole transaction went smooth as butter. Enjoy the kicks bud
  6. PoopsMagee

    Legit Check Slams It looks good to me just getting a second opinion. Thanks alot.
  7. PoopsMagee

    legit check bocas;rd=1&rd=1 Everything looks good to me, but I've been burned on eBay before so I was just makin sure. Thanks
  8. PoopsMagee


    hype_galore grabbed some purples up from me and the transaction couldn't have gone smoother. Perfect communication and upfront payment. I even spaced sending him the tracking number for a few days, which would make alot of cats FLIP, and hype was totally cool about it throughout. New to...
  9. PoopsMagee


    brother-doogie scored some tweed 2's from me. we did a meetup and the whole thing was smooth as silk. Dude paid in cash and everything Trust me, this guy's legit.
  10. PoopsMagee


    highpro copped some milli's from me. Legit guy with great communitcatiion and prompt payment. Thanks for the business friend would definitely do business with again
  11. PoopsMagee

    Legit Check Irons

    Hey NSB. I've had these Irons for awhile now. Got em off the BST thread on here back in October from a member who is now banned (Not for selling fakes). After finding out the seller was banned I decided to do another check of the shoe, and everything looked good, except the little R on the...
  12. PoopsMagee


    flipnetiK scored some Band-aids off me. Flip paid when he said and was friendly throughout. pleasure to do business with Thanks alot for the biz man!
  13. PoopsMagee


    Yo trublue2k scored some cookie monsters off me. Guy is way cool, he pm'ed me with and offer, and paid 5 minutes later. NSB needs more cats like this. Thanks again trublue2k edit: I'm a retard and accidentally put 2k5 in the thread title... sorry bout that tru
  14. PoopsMagee


    Yo NSB I bought some J-packs off him a couple days ago and he shipped em lightnin fast and of course they're 100% legit I was bein all picky about the pics too and he was way cool about it and provided me with more than I even asked for and made the transaction smooth and painless And on...
  15. PoopsMagee


    Got some J-Packs from him. Fair prices, great communication, and fast shipping. Would definitely do business with again
  16. PoopsMagee

    Denver Sneakerheads

    I don't see many people on here talkin about Colorado or denver, and there sure as shyt aint any DunkXChange comin down here. I'm just curious who's stuck here with me Anyone on here from Denver? sound off :beer: