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  1. sidious

    The Longest Thread

    Hope ur doing well Afrill, time does fly... good to see you back in the gutter ;)
  2. sidious

    SB Takashi Silver Box + maybe some others

    weclome back! whats your old username I can update the account, def post pics
  3. sidious

    Nike SB X Instant Dunk Low Pro

  4. sidious

    The Longest Thread

  5. sidious

    ID These

    Have a better photo by chance?
  6. sidious

    Whats up dood

    Whats up dood
  7. sidious

    ID These

    Look like send helps -
  8. sidious


    180 is supposed to get an account soon if they haven't already..
  9. sidious

    New Mortal Kombat Movie?

    you know, my friend is a writer and 2 and some odd years ago i was telling him this is how they should make MK again, especially how scorpion and sub zero have really good back stories. you just strip it down to the basic characters from the first..
  10. sidious

    GIF thread.

  11. sidious 5th Anniversary

    just want to say, as bias as it sounds the quality is very good on the stickers and shirts.
  12. sidious


  13. sidious

    Skate 3

    still one of the best
  14. sidious

    Mary Jane thread

  15. sidious

    Movies you recently saw

    count of monte crisco - better than batman begins.
  16. sidious

    GIF thread.

  17. sidious


  18. sidious

    GIF thread.

  19. sidious

    GIF thread.