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  1. panda666

    Legit Check-Flash
  2. panda666

  3. panda666

    Legit Check-eBay seller blak1ne and the items he has on sale: shoes he selling look fake to me, especially the medicom3(terrible shape and the stitching), lucky7(lace off, gold off, shape off, 7 off), dunkle(color...
  4. panda666

    Legit Chek-ebay seller thanks
  5. panda666

    NIKE DUNK MID SB-black/white/gum sole

    don't know if any post a thread of these, I searched little, but didn't find any, if there is a thread of these already, please delete this. nothing special of these, but looks very functional pair of sk8 shoes.
  6. panda666

    Legit Check-nike dunk low sb Heniken!BhI0,Pw!m...Qv!~~_3.JPG!BhI0brgBGk~&#...0NpKOTw~~_3.JPG!BhI0c,QBmk~&#...0Nu4svw~~_3.JPG!BhI0dFgCGk~&#...0N1kRTg~~_3.JPG!BhI0d5!B2...0N8Cd3Q~~_3.JPG...
  7. panda666

    LegitCheck-nike dunk sb supreme low
  8. panda666

    legit check-Nike Dunk Low CL GREY WHITE

    Nike Dunk Low CL 318020112 25056 GREY WHITE the seller's feedback is 99.8% Positive 549 Feedback received, and i'm waiting for the inside tag pics from him now. just because there are too many dunks been released, so I want to make sure at first if these dunks been released, and...
  9. panda666

    lgeit check ebay seller please check it for me
  10. panda666

    Legit check-ebay seller please check out if they are selling legit or fake supreme bruin sb, i'm guessing they are not legit...but not sure.
  11. panda666

    Legit Check- ebay seller bennyfingers14

    please check if the seller "bennyfingers14" from ebay is a legit seller or not, he is a top rated seller, and have 100% feedback...personally i think he is fine to deal with, but still want to make sure and see your opinions. just because i never buy shoes from this person before... thank you...
  12. panda666

    [Legit Check]Syracuse SB

    please check these for me, thank you.
  13. panda666


    i've been collecting skeaners especially SBs for almost 3yrs, This is the 1st time I use this feedback forum here, my ebay id is ecrfox, I mainly only buy things (mostly sneakers and toys) on ebay, you can check out my feedbacks there. I'm 8.5 and 9. So...Let's start my NSB.ORG...
  14. panda666

    Legit check-supa sb

    please check these for me, thank you.
  15. panda666

    legit check-takashi

    please check these for me, thank you.
  16. panda666

    Legit check-EBAY seller-Kixpress

    the ebay store looks well designed, and some prices look good to me, did anyone bought anything from this person before? here's the link of the ebay store:
  17. panda666

    [manT from the DECKmanT]-Panda666's Collection(July/2009)

    Hello Everyone at NSB org: I start collect Nike SB (mainly Dunk SB) from 2007, my 1st pair of Dunk SB is the Purple Pigeon. so I missed the orange, silver, pink and the earlier black box eras already...I used to collect Air Jordan before as well, but recently i have sold most of my Jordan...
  18. panda666

    Legit check Mulder SB

    hello everyone: i have to make another legit check for another pair of mulder sb, because the pair I checked yesterday just get bought by another person... here are the pics of the shoes: thanks for the checking
  19. panda666

    legit check

    please check this web for me: it look fake for me...some pics look not like og pics, look like pics from other sites...
  20. panda666

    [LegitCheck]-ShangHai 1 SB|294%3A50 please check the shoes for me, thank you.