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  1. 3CR!T.

    Twitch - De La Soul Zoom Tre's

  2. 3CR!T.

    West 49 getting SBz?!

    If west 49 gets sbs, I'm out the nike game.
  3. 3CR!T.

    3CR!T Collection

    [attachment=14846:shoe_Collection.jpg] Pick Ups: Iowas (one of my grails) Mochas Black Cat Jordan III Fire Red Jordan III Cool Grey Jordan III
  4. 3CR!T.

    3CR!T Collection

    Sorry about the douple post, but thanks for all the positive feedback!
  5. 3CR!T.

    Chicks rockin SB's...

    Girls Rocking Heat = Sexy as hell. Girls Rocking GRs = The same as every other person rocking GRs Imo.
  6. 3CR!T.

    3CR!T Collection

    [attachment=14638:shoe_collection.jpg] Pick Ups. White Tokyo Mids London Taxis J-pack Trainers.
  7. 3CR!T.

    3CR!T Collection

    [attachment=14527:Shoe_Collection_3.jpg] [attachment=14525:Shoe_Collection_1.jpg] [attachment=14526:Shoe_Collection_2.jpg] More Coming. Stay Tunned.
  8. 3CR!T.

    Planning a trip to Canada

    TORONTO. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
  9. 3CR!T.

    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    Adrift has lobsters, I think they are like 170 around there. Blue Tile has Lobsters $159 GoodFoot is rumoured to get lobsters in at some point next week, around $130 (Heard this from Q) Piets are supposed to be dropping at goodfoot anytime, aswell as the ranson street sale This Canada day...
  10. 3CR!T.

    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    Toronto sneaker heads, I thought I would let you know I have a pair of what the dunks size 10. If anyone is interested pm me Im down for meet ups. Negotiable.
  11. 3CR!T.

    Whats the worse thing you've said to a person

    I make fun of my stepdad all the time about making more money then him.. worst thing I can think of at the moment.
  12. 3CR!T.

    g3RC4n's collection (skated)

    You killed alot of those haha
  13. 3CR!T.

    Whiteboisneakerhead collection

    New jordans are tight.
  14. 3CR!T.

    legit check nike sb dunk low mondrian

    These look normal to me. If its an authorized nike dealer you bought from they arent fake.
  15. 3CR!T.

    How do you support your habit?

    1.I work in landscaping and construction. probably 5 or 6 pairs on a good month, but constantly selling old stuff. 3.Skated my whole life but slowed down lately because of school so I've mostly just been collecting. 4.Girlfriend thinks Im crazy, Mom thinks Im stupid, Friends think Im...
  16. 3CR!T.

    New Nike SB Dunk High - Black/Chlorine Blue

    These get better for me every time i look at them
  17. 3CR!T.

    Custom Bloody's, ID's, and GR dunks

    The yellow ones are dope.
  18. 3CR!T.


    Any suggestions on a base shoe to start with? preferably black. But Im not sure what matirials to start with.
  19. 3CR!T.

    Dunkle low Pro Sb

    fucking mint
  20. 3CR!T.

    Nike SB Dunk Low - 720

    hate the checker lining. Without it I would cop.