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  1. vedarone

    New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    these are still available in a lot of sizes
  2. vedarone

    OFFICIAL What Are You Listening To Right Now Thread!

  3. vedarone


    super cool kid. awesome buyer. l e g i t.
  4. vedarone

    Nike Dunk Mid SB "Sea Crystal Mids"

    is that green leather? are these ghost's flipped?
  5. vedarone

    Nike Dunk Low Premium SB / Ms. Pacman

    the mixing of materials is dope to me... i love the mesh on back and where it is, especially with the leather over it and also the piping, it really wins me over every time. they are reminiscent of the marshall amp's aside from the colorway, which i don't like. i feel like the...
  6. vedarone

    If you could pick one shoe to be released again, which would you choose?

    say... TIFFANY Dunks for instance. I would love a pair in DS condition but the price is like $500. If they were released again could they be sold retail for anywhere around that? what about half? DS for $250 right now in your size... would you cop? what about $90? or would they somehow become...
  7. vedarone

    If you could pick one shoe to be released again, which would you choose?

    If you could pick one shoe to be released again, which would you choose? Just one colorway of one design, from any maker or brand, from any year, or from any country. QS, General release, limited, or custom. Now consider what adverse or positive effect it would have on it's value...
  8. vedarone

    New Nike Sb Mid - triumvir colab.

    so between these and the twin peaks, i say '09 is starting off rediculously in the dunk category. i couldn't be happier with them and i'm very curious about february releases/QS at this point. anyone know what's coming?
  9. vedarone


    i found out that megan fox is engaged to brian austin green... wtf.
  10. vedarone


    i like the original design quite a bit better except for the colorway^^^ i feel like they shouldn't have switched to the tre sole or pushed everything back to the rear of the shoe. had they kept the first model and used these newer colorways i would have been cool with a pair or two. as far...
  11. vedarone


    i'm sorry but these are horrible. 3m on the swoosh and lace area didn't save them either. they are like the mullet of shoes... boring "business" in the front and just too much "party" in the rear. and this was my 100th?
  12. vedarone

    New Nike Dunk Hi - Black/Green Stiching

    9.5, 10, and 10.5 are all priced at $102... the rest are at $100. no lace bag is also correct. sweet shoes though.
  13. vedarone

    New Nike Sb Mid - triumvir colab.

    definitely january QS along with the "medium br" p-rod highs(brown houndstooth pattern) for sure. already on the books for january at my local shop. probably next week or so and the january releases will be there friday.
  14. vedarone


    this goon actually tried to swindle money back after the sale! went as far as a paypal dispute but he lost after i escaleted it myself. he was bein a real bitch about some bullshit considering samples are worth more than regular releases and all he was doing was using it as an excuse to try to...
  15. vedarone


    I sold WES55 the jacket as posted in the thread below: //;#entry1421449 he got the jacket exactly as pictured for $92 shipped to the netherlands. after he received it exactly as pictured he states it's a sample, therefor he wants me to send him $20 back...
  16. vedarone


    RC sold me some baby pink hemps for my little girl. they were priced fair and shipped fast. i am very happy with the whole transaction and highly recommend doing business with him. thanks again. v
  17. vedarone

    Fuck You Thread

    fuck a partridge in a pear tree.
  18. vedarone

    Post Sample Pics!

    heaven's gate of course, and those hunter/gatherer beasts are rediculous. if those are tiff samples they definitely stepped it up before release.
  19. vedarone

    Fuck You Thread

    Fuck Amy Poehler for leaving SNL.
  20. vedarone

    Nike Prod Hi sb "TWEED"

    hounds tooth? wow, i can't sell these other P rod high's for less than retail! pretty sure i won't be getting these to wear or sell.