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  1. Z

    Eminem Recovery Its in the link above, you can listen or download it. I havent got the chance to hear it yet but I thought I'd let you guys know
  2. Z

    Kanye West' New Single

    Anyone heard this yet, I think its fire. Back to the old Kanye in my opinion. I cant wait for Good Ass Job this year. You can here the song on the link
  3. Z

    Chiddy Bang

    Have any of you listened to this guy Chiddy Bang, he raps and he is impressive. He reminds me of B.O.B and Kid Cudi somewhat. He has a song where he raps over MGMT's "Kids" song. Its preety good I think. I was just wondering if anyone else listened to him. He has two mixtapes out now, one...
  4. Z

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    Has anyone else played this Robot Unicorn Attack. Its one of the adult swim games and I think its so addictive. It part of my daily routine now. My high score is still only 36704 though. The music is def the best part of this game haha. Play it here...
  5. Z


    I didnt know if people on here used the website lockerz. I have seen people get free stuff by doing pretty much nothing. I didnt know if any nsb users have tried it out yet. If you need invites hit me up here Also if you guys have gotten...
  6. Z


    Great Buyer, He offered a fair price and a deal was set 5 mins later. Great person to work with A+++
  7. Z

    Legit Check Rayguns

    LEGIT CHECK RAYGUNS I have requested the inside tag, but I was looking at the tongue tag and it looks square, It looks off, just wanted to check with you guys. Ill update with the inside tag when I get it I also requested dated...
  8. Z

    Legit Check Futuras

    Hey I have these on hold on iss but I wanted to make sure they were legit first. They futuras are at the bottom of the paage. Also is there any other pics I should request from him?
  9. Z

    Warped Tour 09 Anyone??

    Hey so Denvers Warped Tour is next week, I didt know if any one in Denver is going to it. Or to any other part of the tour this year. I will def be at the one on the 9th, and I might be out in cali (ventura) for another one later this month when I visit one of my girls out there. If anyone wants...
  10. Z

    Zachtothejohnson Collection

    Hey I decided to update my collection because I deleted the pics on my old one. But yeah this is just 1 year into the shoe game. Also I buy what I like not the hype so say what you will And all comments are appreciated so thanks again. I guess Ill just get to the picture LOWS OLD SPICES...
  11. Z

    Metal Gear Solid Rising

    I saw this at E3 I thought it sounded cool, I was hoping it was gonna be number 4 on the 360 though. Either way Im happy. LOS ANGELES--As a game developer, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima can usually be relied upon to do something unexpected. So with rumors flying that his PlayStation...
  12. Z

    Legit Check Tye Dye Mids

    They look good to me, but I just wanted to double check with the people who know shoes best
  13. Z

    Legit Check What The Dunks The box looks wack so Im saying they are fake
  14. Z


    I sold him some shoes and he paided extremely fast. He's a great buyer I would sell to him again. Thanks
  15. Z


    I sold him some shoes and he paided extremely fast. He's a great buyer I would sell to him again. Thanks
  16. Z


    I traded him some SOD's for mosquitos and he is legit. Very good deal. It went perfect and i would gladly do buisness with him again
  17. Z

    Legit check on Jasons

    I saw these on ISS. Are they just customs or what? The guy doesnt mention anything about it being custom. just scroll down on the link they are below the DOTD trainers
  18. Z

    Legit check on Baby Bears

    I saw these but i wasnt sure the fur looked short but i need some help.
  19. Z


    I sold him some shoes, SUPER SUPER fast payment A+++ Great buyer Thanks again
  20. Z

    *!*My Collection*!*

    So i started collecting shoes less than six months ago. I dont have anything to great. But im proud of what i have. I like my shoes what can i say. Its small and neither quality over quantity. But ya. Thanks for the comments. Enjoy