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    FLY Society - Fly With Us Or Lie Beneath Us

    [download] Enjoy! Post your thoughts, I want to know what y'all think about the tape!
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    Ryfull finally made a video...
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    Atlanta, GA - ATL Heads Come Here to Stay Tuned

    We have had several Atlanta and GA threads opened before, but I'm actually going to update this one with upcoming events. The first I have to offer is the Terry Kennedy x Supra release party at Wish. They will be releasing the Terry Kennedy's two weeks early and he will be there signing...
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    Pastor Troy - Feel Me or Kill Me

    I suppose it's proving that no one really cares about any of the new albums I post up in here, so this may just be the last time but I know I love it when someone posts a brand new album. So, last but not least... Pastor Troy - Feel Me or Kill Me. No matter where your from, I know many of...
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    ISS = Blashpemy!

    So who else has recently found out about the $5 fee to use the their marketplace, wanted, and feedback system. To quote the source, "We charge $5.00 USD, per year, to use our Marketplace. This includes the ability to post in the Listing, Wanted, and Agreement forums." Anyone else find this...
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    Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here

    I figured there would be several people who may want this album, so here it is. - - Enjoy!
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    Lets Induldge.....

    We have the marijuana thread, but I'm sure many indulge in others..... What's on your menu for tonight? There are no limits here, just try not to post anything with your name, address, or social security number...... haha I mean.... this is the trench right? I suppose it's wrong...
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    Lets have some fun NSB!

    Here's the low down. I was contacted via AIM concerning the 2001 Black Cement III's I have for sale and/or trade. I spoke with this individual for close to 30 minutes concerning the trade. Nearing the end of the discussion when it was time to discuss the details. this is what he had to...
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    NSB's Music Pros!

    I want to listen to and/or download some traditional Indian/Middle Eastern music. This may slightly misleading, but I'm referring to the very much cliche music always played in movies that take place in the Middle East. The very vocal music played in movies like Gladiator. I can't think...
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    Upcoming Music Releases

    I frequently visit this portion of NSB looking for new music, usually including new releases that I did not know about. If you know of something that is releasing soon, share it here. I would love to begin this with something I knew but I'm afraid I know of none. Make this happen NSB!
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    How fucked up?

    We're going to have a bit of a contest here, the prize is bragging rights. It's New Years Eve and I'm assuming much of the NSB population will be absolutely destroyed tonight. You are responsible for making sure someone takes one or more pictures of you at your peak intoxication...
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    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays NSB!

    I figured it was time to go ahead and get this started. Wish your fellow NSB members a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays to be politically correct! lol MERRY CHRISTMAS NSB!
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    Lupe Fiasco - Follow The Leader

    Many of the songs are from the The Cool, but I knew there are members here who would still want this. Download - Password - albumhunt I haven't had the opportunity to give it much of a listen, but it's lupe so it has to be good.
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    Who would you pick NSB?

    If you had to pick one or so random NSB members you think you would have a great time chillin', partyin', and/or getting wasted with, who would it be? I would have to say notjustinwhite, elwood, and monochrome. Mono would probably be boring, but cool. Haha j/k mono Don't try to be...
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    I believe it is necessary!

    It is time that the legit members of NSB including Admins, Mods, BST Members, O.G., Premies, and Members unite to actually enforce one tiny rule of NSB, that rule is as follows: Do not make offers if you are not serious, failing to follow through with an offer may result in suspension, loss of...
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    Chip Tha Ripper

    I don't know what it is, but I really like his music. This is the same guy that is responsible for saying "interior crocodile alligator, I drive a Chevrolet move theater". Well, after hearing the real song that came from I started to look into him a bit more. Listen to a few of his songs...
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    Prodigy - Product of the 80's

    I've only heard the samples on Itunes but GODAMNIT I want this album. I recommend you check you out. Oh, and if you can find a download link for me, I will be your friend.
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    the mou - A Jordan Revival

    Said goodbye to almost all of my Dunks and have been on a Jordan binge ever since. Coming up on two years, no signs of slowing down. All comments are welcomed and appreciated. I'm going to give up my title of 'Hightop Soldier' and going for something along the lines of 'King...
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    You should be ashamed of yourself

    I am in absolutely no position to decipher your position of the Presidential election. Your feelings concerning the election are yours and only yours. I do have a bone to pick with you though. The concept you're using for your clothing is very unlikely in tune with your personal opinion. I...
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    Very legit! Do not hesitate to deal with this guy, great communication and he doesn't bullshit. A+++++++++++++++++