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  1. K


    Anyone need an invite? PM me.
  2. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    These shoes are hella uncomfortable compared to other SBs I have. The padding on the inside of this shoe is really hard for some reason and fits really tight. Anyone else notice that?
  3. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    anyone know if these dropped in so cal?
  4. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    cant wait for these to drop
  5. K

    Nike Dunk Low Premium SB / Ms. Pacman

    what! i would have copped 2 of them at that price
  6. K

    OFFICIAL August Dunk SB Pick-up Thread

    nice quags. i almost bought some a month back for $120. glad i didnt.
  7. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    Same. That actually has me confused. I see suede, nubuck, and what looks like 3M piping. If these are really 'pacman' highs I'm surprised they aren't premiums. Still copping nonetheless.
  8. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    there is no hype on these.
  9. K

    New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    the camo isnt reflective at all. it just changed colors in certain lighting, looks really dope.
  10. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    you can tell what materials are used in those pics
  11. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    dont trip. when that site has pics of shoes that arent released they always look off. i remember the wet floor dunks had a long ass tongue on that site.. and the laces looked extra fat. they will look like every other high dunk when they drop.
  12. K

    Nike Dunk Low SB Red/White/Gold - Thin Tongue SB

    saw these in person today and they look really good. i plan on buying them but not at $80. the swoosh is a gold patent leather, and the tongue/heel area of the shoe look really good and make it stand out.
  13. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    i need these in my life asap. when do they drop? anyone?
  14. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    anyone know when these drop yet?
  15. K

    Post what made your day

    smashed this girl without even trying too hard lol
  16. K

    Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    im sorry chip but that looks horrible..
  17. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    can you guys read? it says that a few retailers have these already but in very limited quality. if these arent expected to come out until next month then of course they will be very limited right now. when it drops they will be easy to get sheesh..
  18. K

    Nike Dunk Low SB Red/White/Gold - Thin Tongue SB

    looks like an all suede shoe with a leather toebox. if the swoosh was more of a metallic gold color and there was more of that striped design on the shoe it would be sick. from seeing those pics im not sure if imma cop.. they look kinda plain and the materials arent that great.
  19. K

    Unreleased Nike SB Dunk Hi "Lakers" Sample (1st Look)

    Look kinda weird.. and theres no way that blue is purple..
  20. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    The materials are on point, just like the ms. pacmans. Nubuck and suede can't go wrong with that. Can anyone confirm that the yellow piping is 3M?