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  1. K

    What One's Wearing June 09

    Red/black stereo shirt Bluish/green levis Red/Black blazers which I got yesterday
  2. K

    Nike Dunk SB Spring 2010 dunks!

    It's hard to tell if the laces are flat or not, but if they are no biggie. I'll just buy better laces from I liked almost everything I saw. Thin tongue doesn't bother me too much, means more shoes for me I guess. Those black/white mids are fire. Those blazers are sick...
  3. K

    What One's Wearing June 09

    Saw some posts on the last page about no one wearing SB's in certain areas.. I'm kinda bringing it back at my school. I started collecting in Jan 09' around my bday and came to school with all these fresh kicks. Now everyone wanna get on train and get some SB's. I have 2 friends...
  4. K

    Post what made your day

    Got my red and black blazers. And lakers won!!
  5. K

    Henry8899's Collection!!!!!!!!!

    Nice collection homie. I got in the game Jan 09' aswell and have roughly the same amount of kicks as you. You should throw the black laces on the sea crystals though.
  6. K

    Nike Blazer SB - Red/Black

    Threw the fat black laces on these.
  7. K

    Nike Blazer SB - Red/Black

    I got mine today from Tactics! Hella fast shipping too
  8. K

    Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - NJ- Toxic Avenger

    I don't mind the thin tongue cause the shoe itself is still nice, but flat laces? Come on now.. This better not be a trend where nike releases dunks with flat laces. Otherwise imma have to buy all of my laces from fullylaced...
  9. K

    Nike Dunk Low Premium SB Blue Lobster X Concepts

    June 20th can't come soon enough.. I hope they announce that these will be released everywhere. If they don't I will be pretty mad..
  10. K

    June Pick Up Thread

    wtff your gayy u cant say no homo to that
  11. K

    Nike Dunk Low Premium SB / Ms. Pacman

    Yupp. Wore these to school like 2 weeks ago and I got so many compliments it was ridiculous. Guys and girls were givin me thumbs up tellin me my kicks were really nice. I'm not going to wear these often though, these are so nice that I don't want anything to happen to em.
  12. K

    Nike Dunk Low Premium SB Blue Lobster X Concepts

    Exactly. No way I'm paying $250 for these. Hopefully they will release as a QS/GR sometime down the road at a reasonable price. Nike can do better than this though..
  13. K

    Post what made your day

    Well then would you mind showing me a site or someone on ebay that has DS Money Cats or Purple Pigeons for $150? I've never seen it before.. The lowest I've seen these shoes DS is for like $200..
  14. K

    Post what made your day

    My homie showed me this store near my house that has all these exclusive DS kicks that came out like 2-3 years ago. The dude had the money cat highs, send helps, pusheads, milli vanillis, j packs, purple pigeons, brian andersons and way more all in a glass display case. I never saw so much heat...
  15. K


    Haha for real. I couldn't imagine being 13 and asking my parents to buy me a DS $300 pair of Pusheads. They would say no before I even said the word shoe lol. Good stuff though. That's a lot of heat for a 13 year old to have.
  16. K

    Nike Dunk High SB Premium - Yellow/Black & White

    Went to my shop today and didn't see these.. doubt they will get them.
  17. K

    Nike Blazer SB - Red/Black

    Mine should arrive Thursday. Haven't been this excited for a shoe in a while lol.
  18. K

    Nike Dunk High SB Premium - Yellow/Black & White

    Too much damn yellow. What the hell Nike quit releasing terrible shoes..
  19. K


    Red/Black Blazers are so hard dude. I can't wait til mine arrive.
  20. K

    Post what made your day

    I love that when you gotta girl whos cool but her parents are really chill and like you a lot, haha that's the best.