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  1. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    I guess the Pacman Hi's are coming
  2. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    That's kind of a bad pic but it's cool. I think I'll stick with the black aswell.
  3. K

    Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - UN - Hemp (orange)

    Nice use of materials. If they can make the orange parts nubuck I will fall in love with these.
  4. K

    1 Sweet SI's collection

    Wow you have so many shoes that I want.. good stuff.
  5. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    Man what's goin on this month?! I'm in socal and my local skate shops still haven't gotten the dunks.. it's getting ridiculous now. It's July 18th and we still haven't gotten the months shoes.. oh well I can wait. It's just really weird.
  6. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    Damn haha this makes me want them even more! I should cop mine tomorrow so I'll post some pics when I get them.
  7. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    I don't see peoples beef against mids. They are the most comfortable and they look really nice if you know how to wear em.
  8. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    I am soooooo copping these.
  9. K

    Post what killed your day

    lol not getting laid today kinda killed my day
  10. K

    Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    Shoe Goos are so clean.
  11. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid - Green Bay Packers

    This shoe doesn't resemble Green Bay at all. It's a decent shoe but the perforated leather kills it.. it just looks weird to me.
  12. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    The only thing I don't like about the shoe is the tumbled leather toebox..
  13. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    Word up! It's 2 weeks into July and my store still hasn't gotten this months shoes.. wtf is up nike. I think they delayed this month on purpose because of the Blue Lobsters.
  14. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    I'm feelin them aswell. I will probably cop these.
  15. K

    Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium 'Northern Lights'

    These are a July 2009 release.
  16. K

    My Collection-Tank412

    Feelin the Pacmans And no the Blue Lobsters don't have a thin tongue.
  17. K

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    Has anyone heard anything new about these?
  18. K

    Confirmed SB July Releases Video review of the 'Sea Monsters' from Hot Rod. Not sure why he called them the Sea Monsters but whatever. They look kind of weird in that video, I hate how they never show off the shoe or talk about the materials. Whatever. That guy is...
  19. K

    Confirmed SB July Releases

    It's July 14th and my shop still hasn't gotten the July releases. Not sure why Nike is so late this month. Anyone know any other stores in Cali that have the July releases yet?
  20. K


    I bet these will release as a QS this year.