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  1. K

    Confirmed SB July Releases

    I keep hearing that the Pacman Highs are the months quickstrike, but that wouldn't make sense to me.. Why would Nike have 3 quickstrikes this month? I'm dying to see what the Northern Light mids look like.
  2. K

    Possible New Dunk SB

    Has anyone picked this up yet? I want to see some detailed pics of these already.
  3. K

    Confirmed SB July Releases

    My shop hasn't gotten them yet either. Not sure why this months releases are coming so late.. usually my shop has the months release 3-4 days before the month even starts. I really want to see how those mids look.
  4. K

    Micheal Jackson is dead.

    When I listen to his song "In The Closet" with Naomi Campbell I feel like crying.
  5. K


    Yeah girls are pretty f***ing stupid sometimes. Had that happen to me before aswell.
  6. K

    Updated Collection

    Nice collection, feelin a lot of your shoes bro.
  7. K


  8. K

    My Collection

    Nice start. Don't listen to what people say, you don't HAVE to only collect older shoes. Go for what you like, new or old.
  9. K

    Ever Growing Collection of SB's...

    Nice purp pigeons and triumvirs.
  10. K


    I go to redondo haha
  11. K

    Nike Dunk High SB - "Miss Piggy" !?

    Look pretty nice.
  12. K

    New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    I got these last week and this is definitely the dopest dunk to release this year, if not period. I love these sooo much. This shoe has inspired me to only collect the best shoes now. The materials on these are on point I sware. 3M digi camo? AAAND 3M piping? Nike is spoiling me waaay too much...
  13. K

    Nike Dunk High SB "Quagmire"

    I'm ordering mine today. I feel stupid for sleeping on these.
  14. K

    Confirmed SB July Releases

    I'm feelin the mids, tres and the janoski's.
  15. K

    Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    All I could see are Nitraids, Thrashins, Bloody Sundays and maybe some Tie Dyes. Anything else I can't make out haha.
  16. K

    Dougiefresh209 Collection!

    I'm confused. Some shoes are 10.5-11 and others are 6.5? Haha makes no sense. Nice collection nonetheless.
  17. K

    My Dunk Collection *New and Updated*

    Nice collection dude, I'm super fckn jealous.
  18. K

    Nike Dunk High SB - Purple/Black

    I don't know why CCS has the color as purple.. it's obviously not purple
  19. K

    JayMillz's Collection

    Feelin a lot of those shoes. Good stuff. I had some Big Gulps but I sold em.. don't really like em anymore.
  20. K

    June Pick Up Thread