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    legit check cdp 3s

    so i posted these a while back but noone saw it i guess so yeah i need to kno if these are legit cuz the jordan on the sole seems a bit off or maybe its the angle heres the link Jordan cdp 3 thanks
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    LC cdp 11

    thanks in advance just want to be safe oh and these cdp 3 too please sorry if im supposed to make a diffrent thread for these
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    Shipped very fast and came through with a great deal thanks
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    DOM KENNEDY *new Mix tape*

    Sup NSB fam So im sure lots of you prolly already Know who Dom kennedy is but yeah he just droped his new mix tape From Westside With Love its a dope mixtape but check it for yourself. if link doesnt work just go look him up on myspace u can download it there 2. **Download link** Support...
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    LC check Jordan 6 retro varsity red

    can some one tell me if these are legit dnt want to bid yet but want to make sure these are legit color seems a bit off but might be cus of lighting so yeah help is greatly appreciated Ebay link*
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    I walk Dogs for shoes hahaha

    Wats up nsb. well i been on here since 08 but never got around to posting my shoes. A lot has came and gone which explains the small collection. Been collecting for a yr sadly i have to buy my own shit so yeah lol So this is what i have now enjoy Group Shot Todd Jordans azure blazers...
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    legit check lunars

    want to make sure before i trade heres the album!!! feel free to lock it up once confirmation of legitness is approved.
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    Smooth transaction shipped in very portective box haha A+ will do business with in future
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    Great seller fast shipping and legit prices!!