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    New Nike Sb Mid - triumvir colab.

    damn these are nice. Hopefully they will release. These would be my first mids, if they come out.
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    Nike SB Brasil Custom Series 3

    those christiano's are the best of the pack.imo Need to get a pair of those.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Melbourne 'Gold Rail' Dunk

    I pre ordered my pair, so cant wait till its shipped.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    cant wait to see how it turns out. sounds like a really good custom.
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    Nike SB Dunk High- Black/White

    nice and clean, black and white always go together. Nice and simple dunk sb.
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    Famous Sneakers

    damn that pic of rihanna a couple of pages back is dope. Nice trickstar blazers, bape backpack, and bape beanie. And the radio plays garbage now. I stopped listening to it a long time ago. All i do is listen to cd's and the old stuff. Im also hooked on DJ Mitsu, look his songs up...
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    Nike SB Summer 09 Dunks

    the purple highs are really dope.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Melbourne 'Gold Rail' Dunk

    The shop I go to confirmed these, so cant wait to get it.
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    haha Yeah friends should not let friends buy fake shoes. I saw a lot of douches at city walk and universal studios wearing thos fakes. Also, lots of fake jordans, af1's. I was like damn, soo many
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    wow those two mids are Theyre
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Metallic Silver/Black

    Man im loving these. Hopefully they will release. and yea too much hype will happen.
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    If you are ever in japan

    ^^^ Yo im not there anymore, but yea those fake ass africans own like 3 stores around harajuku, and shibuya. They have people outside recruiting you and stuff.If i remember right, you'll run into a few sb stores on your walk to shibuya from harajuku. Like this one shop that had wrestling...
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    Interview the Person Below You

    Obama Whats your favorite type of food?
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    New Nike SB Dunk High - Red/Green Here are the samples. i dont like them, not too creative. The guy is selling the samples for 1 grand. lol
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Melbourne 'Gold Rail' Dunk

    Damn these shoes are really clean. I would get the Samples if I had the money. But I ll wait for the release.
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    Nike SB Dunk Low - Kuwahara E.T. Bike

    yo nice pics vader. They look nice. Do they crease easily? Sorry if the answer has been posted
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    New Nike SB Dunk High - Marge Simpson

    Marge's do look very nice with the red laces. Nice pics mr.backslap.
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    Interview the Person Below You

    Dane Cook. Do you have nas's new album?
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    New Nike SB Dunk Hi - 'Shoe Goo'

    I think Shoo Goos released even earlier in Japan. Idk if I'm right but I think it did. Correct me if wrong.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    ^^ Yea I think that too.I just called my shop, and they said the two quickstrikes they got were the trainers and veronas. Other then that they don't know yet. I've only seen these on ebay and flightclub. So maybe in september, or like last week of august?