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  1. ClownFeet

    OFFICIAL June 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick Up Thread

    thanks to SuburbanKnight for these
  2. ClownFeet

    New Member old collector

    this is a collection im going to have to keep my eye on!! keep it up plus you wear the right size so ill have to keep my eyes open for your name in the B/S/T in the future!
  3. ClownFeet

    House of Hoops London.

    im not too hot on basketball shoes as i tend to dabble myself in SBs :P but me and mate did pop into HOH and i was impressed by the range of stock they have down there. The staff are also really nice as well which is always a plus! basically, if jordans etc are what youre into id recommend a...
  4. ClownFeet

    OFFICIAL May 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick Up Thread

    thought as much glad thats cleared up on that note, sick pick up
  5. ClownFeet

    OFFICIAL May 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick Up Thread

    correct me if im wrong, and i probably am xD, i though the quasis were a sample? so how have a shop got their hands on them o_O im seriosly not pissing on your fire mate dont get me wrong because im jealous of your luck and the fact you picked up irons but dude you got bruce willis lucky xD
  6. ClownFeet

    Nike SB Dunk Mid x "Dirty Money"

    Those mids look sweet!
  7. ClownFeet

    Nike SB x Diamond Supply Co. Part 2 & Part 3 - 2011?

    mids and highs? one thing we can be sure of, large amounts of hype!
  8. ClownFeet

    NIKE SB DUNK HIGH "Metalocalypse"

    Dear Nike, Dump this shat and release the ironman lows kind regards, ClownFeet
  9. ClownFeet

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    1) heinekins 2) pigeons
  10. ClownFeet


    Yo jay, that shattt isnt fucked up, go for it. if she has been there for you then there is no reason why you shouldnt. besides for what your ex did, who gives a fuc/< what she thinks! ive had the same shattt done to me in a relationship of around the same length of time. im going to be cheesy...
  11. ClownFeet

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    1)Heinekins 7)Hufs 2)pigeons 3)london
  12. ClownFeet


    that has just made my week! spoken like a true idol!
  13. ClownFeet

    Nike SB Dunk High &#34;Skunk&#34; April QS - OUT NOW

    ive racked my brain for the whole day and the only word i can think of is "different" not sure if this is good or bad yet...
  14. ClownFeet

    My Collection

    this collection is sick! your low game is intense
  15. ClownFeet

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    1) Heinekins 3) Londons 4) Unkles 16)Lodens
  16. ClownFeet

    Whats On Your Grail List

    Jedis (Achieved) Slams (Achieved) Jasons Bruts pretty standard GRs to be honest
  17. ClownFeet

    Purple Pigeon Laces?

    id say the purple avenger laces, the colour fits with the swoosh and sole a bit more but to be honest its not a like for like match. id agree with what zerosixskater is saying, the white laces suit the shoes so much better and you&#39;ll save yourself money time and hassle
  18. ClownFeet

    OFFICIAL March 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick-Up Thread

    not local at all xD a good 2 hour drive for me :P picked them up from 50/50. the guy in there is just great, if you get an oppurtunity, head over. Angry Daves is ok aswell but he doesnt have much SB of sale at the minute. His cabinet is filled with some insane heat but its not for sale :(...
  19. ClownFeet

    OFFICIAL March 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick-Up Thread

    Was having an awful day, one road trip to Bristol later, pick up these badboys Grail achieved
  20. ClownFeet

    Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    couple of shots from my mate&#39;s photography assignment. Good day out in Bristol, picked up some DS Slams that day