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Search results

  1. brendanbrendan

    Shops in London

    Sup nsb So I'm going to London next week, and I was wondering where all the big streetwear shops are. Mainly looking for Supreme gear. Can anyone help me out? lol Peacee
  2. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Unfuturas
  3. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Sea Crystal Highs
  4. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Send Helps

    i just got these in, wanted to be sure if they are legit: sorry about bad quality / blurry pics, dont have a better cam
  5. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Purple pigeons

    bought these a while ago, im pretty sure they are legit, but just wanted to be sure: sorry about the bad quality n blurry pics, dont have a better cam
  6. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Sea Crystal Highs
  7. brendanbrendan

    Leigt check: Send Helps I asked him for tagged pics and he only posted up one, but it looks good to me. Just wanted a second...
  8. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Send Help T-SHIRT

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, but if I posted this in the wrong subforum will a mod please move this or tell me where to post it instead of locking it immediately...
  9. brendanbrendan

    Info on this shirt? (couldn't embed for some reason) So it looks like it's a DC shirt. But does anyone know the name or where to cop?
  10. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Purple pigeons Seems legit to me, but I find it kinda odd that he didn't tag the other pics. He also sent me some...
  11. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Purple Pigeons I asked for more pictures and he sent me these: I will ask him for more pictures (of the lacebag, tongue and boxtag). But is there anything you can tell by these pics? Thanks!