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Search results

  1. phenom

    Sneaker father service

    Well for those who have never heard of, or never bought from this site.I just purchased a pair of dunk puff n stuff off this site,after seeing one of SneakGeekz videos.I got the shoes in the mail today,first problem i saw was no double box!!!! Shoe box looked like they wrapped it in paper, then...
  2. phenom

    legit check what the dunk

    Saw these on ebay looks legit too me just trying to get a second opinion. Item number: 170321550355
  3. phenom

    legit check on dunk sb tiffs

    These look suspect but just to make sure let me get a legit check on these. ebay auction Item number: 140312110995
  4. phenom

    Legit check blue hemp

    I'm looking at these dunk sb blue hemps on ebay shoe tag looks off i dont know for sure so let me know what you guys think. Item number: 220384604797 I asked seller for more pics and he simply replied shoes are legit bro lol
  5. phenom

    Legit check de la souls

    Looking at these de la souls on ebay looks a little fishy what you guys think? heres the item number 190288065489
  6. phenom

    jordan spikez stealth black

    Is a legit site they have a pair of stealth black jordan spikez on there?sorry the site is actually thanks
  7. phenom

    nike sb sabotage

    I bought a pair of Sb Sabotage from and they came in a black with purple nike sb logo box.But i was looking on other sites for the same shoe like and they shoe them with a black and red box with royal family on it?
  8. phenom

    legit site check

    Wanting to a legit site check on and thanks