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Search results

  1. Kidrobotpikachu

    Nike Dunk High Premium SB "Black/Black"

    Came across a pair of Dunk High samples I hadn't seen on the forum on ebay. Ebay Link :
  2. Kidrobotpikachu

    Nike SB Dunk High Premium Dark Obsidian/Varsity Red

    Saw these samples on ebay. Any info? Mods please lock if there is already a topic for these.
  3. Kidrobotpikachu

    Legit Check Skate or Die

    Can I get a legit check on these SOD's? Thanks.
  4. Kidrobotpikachu

    Legit check RESN

    Can I get a legit check on these resn dunks. Thanks.
  5. Kidrobotpikachu

    Street League Skateboarding

    How do you guys feel about the Street League Skateboarding? Is it just me or am I the only person who thinks this is very wrong. About - "Skateboarding is limitless by design. Built on a foundation of progression, individuality and tremendous skill, street...
  6. Kidrobotpikachu

    Nike Zoom Bruin SB - Cappucino/White

    I was poking around the Baker Boys Dist. website and came across this pic. The bruins look like the obsidian bruins, but with a white swoosh. That's the closest shoe that came to mind when I saw these. I know Neen Williams is flow for SB so they are legit. Thoughts?
  7. Kidrobotpikachu

    Kidrobotpikachu's collection

    As you might know I love to skate sb's, but over time I decide to save or double up on my favorites which makes up a collection. This is what I currently have sitting in my bedroom. Thanks for looking!
  8. Kidrobotpikachu

    Nike SB "Dirty Money" Blazer

    I thought I'd start a topic for the Dirty Money blazer so we can focus on it in the (non-dunks) section of the forum. Blazers are inspired by the "Dirty Money" movie and from I understand and have been told they are a Brazil exclusive release. Pic from Highsnobiety Cell Phone Pic I took...
  9. Kidrobotpikachu

    Lakai " Am I Am"

    Here's Lakai's "Am I Am". It's a good watch.
  10. Kidrobotpikachu

    Legit Check Takashi

    Could I get a legit check on these Takashi's? It's a skated pair. This is what the person selling them provided me.
  11. Kidrobotpikachu

    Legit check Stussy Dunks

    Saw these on ebay. Could I get a legit check on these? Thanks in advance.
  12. Kidrobotpikachu

    Nike Zoom Bruin SB- Black/Light Graphite

    I noticed the bruin has gotten some small changes on the NSB homepage. I was a little upset since it hasn't even a been a year since the OG Black/White was released. It's for the best though. The colorway is sick and can't wait for it to hit my shop. Just need to double up on the...
  13. Kidrobotpikachu

    HBO NYC Skate Documentary

    Here's an 18 minute documentary on the NYC skate scene. I was a bit skeptical at first since it's HBO, but I think they did they a good job with it.
  14. Kidrobotpikachu

    Brian Anderson Epicly Later'd

    Check out Brian Andersons Epicly Later'd
  15. Kidrobotpikachu

    Legit Check Raygun

    Seller provided these pics
  16. Kidrobotpikachu

    Legit check Purple Pigeon

    These are up on ebay right now. This is what the seller provided me with.
  17. Kidrobotpikachu

    Nike SB Don't Fear the Sweeper Part 1

    Here's part one of the "Don't Fear the Sweeper " tour
  18. Kidrobotpikachu

    Nike Bruin SB - Yellow/Black

    Just noticed these on one of the riders.It was on a video on the fluff website.They look like bruins to me.I haven't seen this colorway.
  19. Kidrobotpikachu

    Skater of the Year : Chris Cole

    I was a little surprised, but I thought about what he's done this year. Chris Cole is the S.O.T.Y;video_id=375
  20. Kidrobotpikachu

    Eric Koston Interview

    Just saw this on the SB website.Thought it was neat.Have a look.