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Search results

  1. C&KdLow

    Flywire currents legit check

    Just wondering what was going on with these if they are legit or not. Thanks, for taking a peak for me
  2. C&KdLow

    Legit check Tre A.D's

    // just want to be sure on these, get at me quick.
  3. C&KdLow

    Legit check 2 pairs of prods

    Hey guys let me know what you think Fuji rods: takashi rods: thanks, let me know what yall think
  4. C&KdLow


    // pretty sure the guy is extremely reliable and has a good rep, just wanna be safe though.
  5. C&KdLow

    DOTD Traineers legit check lemme know
  6. C&KdLow

    Jrod Check

    Just wondering if these are legit, whoiselcee has a solid rep so i just wanted to make the sure shoes are just as solid. sorry for the fuzzy pics // Thansk
  7. C&KdLow

    J Rod Legit Check !!! Need someones expert advice lemme know haha
  8. C&KdLow

    DOTD Trainers

    Hey, just wondering if these are legit, guy doesnt have any feedback but hes been a member for quite a while //
  9. C&KdLow

    J Rod 2 legit check

    // Just gotta make sure things are good, let me know, they look legit to me, but i jsut wanted another perons opinion.
  10. C&KdLow

    Bic Legit check

    Hey guys i need this legit check as soon as you can, thanks heres the link: and item number if that doesnt work: 160175907049
  11. C&KdLow

    Money Cat mids......Gotta check this out

    Just thought this was hilarious. How could someone be so stupid to try to sell something like this.
  12. C&KdLow

    Legit Check Takashi 2's

    Hey guys, just looking for some info, lmk what you think bout these whether they are straight or not. link isnt working here is the item number.230186634977
  13. C&KdLow

    Purp Pigeons Legit Check

    Hey, SkRiLlZ i know your around, wondering if you can help me out again today. Are these purp. pigeons legit? They are from Japan, which seems sketchy but i dont know. I couldnt get the pics to upload sorry.
  14. C&KdLow

    Legit Check C&K 's

    Hey guys, I got my legit of these when i was overseas this past summer but i want to get another pair to stock, saw these on ebay let me know what you guys think. Thanks.