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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

    khaki/grape blazers 39.99 size 10.5 and 11.5
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    ^^^ thanks for sharing.
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    Nike SB Dunk Low Sample OFF! Bug Spray/Mostique prototype

    i see it everywhere and know it has to do with samples. but what does the FT stand for on them?
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    Nike SB P-Rod 3 - 8/8/09 "Today was a Good Day"

    i like them. sounds like a pretty easy cop considering all the hate.
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    Skateboard Pictures

    kybosh did he purposely 5-0 that handrail one-footed?
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    nike factory outlet swindon

    your outets dont ship? that blows. but you guys are mad lucky. we only get b-grade zoom tres and occasional samples.
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    Nike Dunk Mid Yellow/Blue

    edit. already stated
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    nike factory outlet swindon

    these outlets ship to the states?
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    Dude's legit. He sent out the money immediately. Pleasure to do business with.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Green/Pink/Black

    where exactly did I say i didnt like them?
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Green/Pink/Black

    these will be great for custom loons. wont mind doin that if im able to get these for 40% off.
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    What were your first sb's?

    mine were obsidian teams. i still regret that decision to this day because i shoulda grabbed bics instead.
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    Skate shops VS Online orders!!!

    local shop for general releases(40% off) wherever else for heat/steals
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    Nike Dunk Low Pro B

    Are these pro b's?
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    The eBay thread
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    Famous Sneakers

    Another pic of E. from Entourage rockin some AM95's
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    I'm guessing it was some doosh bag at school. people love to do that kind of shit.
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    What is the Deal with Ebay, Fakes, B-Grade, and self proclaimed Judges!

    this is so ridiculous. if nike didnt make it, it's fake. it's usually apparent if it's fake or not just by looking at the features of a shoe.
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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

    o ok. but how do i get the 20 off, does it automatically do it when i checkout?
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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

    is it online or in store only? im not seeing anywhere online where it says 20 off.