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  1. J

    OFFICIAL 5th Anniversary T-shirts 5th Anniversary T-shirts. Limited Edition of 50. Size S - XL Here they are, exactly what you wanted and now FOR SALE. PM me your order. Price: $25 What you get: 1/50 N-SB 5th Anniversary label logo tee on a black tagless tee. You'll also get a free or 5th Anny...
  2. J

    OFFICIAL and 5th Anniversary Sticker packs & 5th Anniversary Sticker packs Here they are, exactly what you wanted and now FOR SALE. Price: $10 What you get: A sticker pack of 8. Four vinyl die-cut stickers and four 5th Anniversary Box Label vinyl die-cut stickers. Shipping: Included in the price for 1st class...
  3. J


    LEGIT. Sold him about 5 XL Supreme tees, he paid quickly and communicated with me throughout. A solid buyer and I'll happily do business with him again! Thanks and enjoy!
  4. J 5th Anniversary

    From the Front Page: April 13th marked the 5th anniversary of NSB, shouts to all the people who put their SB account in jeopardy, their hobbies first, the mods, the admins, the crew, everyone who has had some moment during our stretch of time, CHEERS to you. If you have any moments you remember...
  5. J

    RULES -- Shop Promotions

    If you are posting up SHOP INFO you can ONLY POST IN: 1) The Dunk SB "Heads Up" Thread in the Dunk SB Forum. and 2) In the SHOP PROMOTIONS Forum. Posting anywhere else will result in your post being deleted and a restriction on your posting abilities.
  6. J


    Sold him a Roscoe tee. He paid quickly and was super patient through-out the sale--we got hit with the blizzard so mail was mad slow. Thanks again!
  7. J

    Nike Blazer SB "SHOE"

    Clean like the Huf joints, but these look a bit more durable. Great spring/summer shoe, too bad it is January.
  8. J


    The TRENCH is dying...and the killer is all these pointless threads with no purpose or added value to the site. The TRENCH has a purpose: a place to post up random crap that would be of interest to our members that doesn't really fit anywhere else on the forums or is NSFW. The key part...
  9. J

    BLACK SCALE -- Flagship Store If anyone in SF can swing by and pick me up the two tees (sz L) and fitted (7 1/4) that is part of "The Tenderloin Project" I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. J


    Sold him some stickers, he paid fast, stayed in contact through out and was great to work with. Will happily sell and work with him in the future!
  11. J

    The Hundreds by Jun Cha

    Direct from The story is told this Friday morning at both The Hundreds LA and The Hundreds SF. Here’s your first look at some select pieces from the special collection that’ll drop at both of our stores. And be sure to stop by Canvas beginning this Friday through the weekend to...
  12. J

    Have you bought something from recently ? Leave your personal opinion, experience, rating and/or comments here!
  13. J


    Sold him some stickers. He paid promptly and was easy to work with. REP!!!
  14. J

    The Hundreds x SE BMX

    From MAJOR's Never Minor blogspot. Who else but MAJOR could bring you this event? The Hundreds is releasing their signature The Hundreds x SE BMX at our store. You know we had to celebrate the occasion with a party. More info coming very soon. Sign up for MAJOR's Facebook page as well...
  15. J Dunk SB Lows -- Sharp020 & jls5en Dunk SB lows courtesy of Sharp020. About 5-6 months ago I hit sharp up with a custom request for a pair of dunk lows. We chatted back a forth for quite a while and came up with this collabo (sorry for the less than awesome pics, better ones will be coming soon). This low...
  16. J

    W.O.W. July 09

    July 1st. Ongoing contest to win free sh!t: //
  17. J

    What One's Wearing June 09

    May is a wrap. June 1st.
  18. J

    J L S 5 E N -- a taste for now

    About 2 months ago George (george88) asked if he could shoot some of my kicks for his portfolio, I was happy to oblige and the results are spectacular! Have a look at just a taste of what the closets hold.
  19. J


    L E G I T Purchased a Supreme tee from him. He shipped same day priority mail in a box for added safety. A great seller and asset to the B S T. Thanks again man!
  20. J

    Have you bought something from recently ? Leave your personal opinion, experience, rating and/or comments here!