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  1. afrillisdark

    change the quote/motto

    i think i'm retarded. i've been clicking everything trying to figure out how to change that lil spot under my avatar, mine has something to do with my ex boyfriend and yea i want to change it but i cant figure out how to navigate to that.... if this was already brought up please direct me to...
  2. afrillisdark

    nsb's MLIA

    im sure you guys are familiar with the FML thread, or so here goes another one come on guys, i know you have some ORIGINAL pretty average and witty things you wanna post. examples (from the site): Today, while waiting for Karate to start, the kids...
  3. afrillisdark

    poop thread

    remember this thread from the gutter? it was poopular. lets keep it going. post when your brewing, during, or even after....
  4. afrillisdark

    happy ___ days

    you know sometimes its nice to greet NSB a happy easter or a happy thanksgiving or even a happy memorial day........... and also to give some pointers of random ass holidays coming up...... today: happy cleavage day!
  5. afrillisdark

    zombie con???

    i dont know where id get serious responses except here, but does anyone know where they hold the zombie expo/conventions. its all about zombie games. if anyone has ever went whats there?
  6. afrillisdark

    the war

    what do you think about the war? do you know whats really going on there? are you effected by it and are trying to do something about it? well then lets hear it. p.s. anyone going on the 21st?
  7. afrillisdark

    ... thats what she said

    here is how this goes. post pictures or videos that give a 'thats what she said reaction'. yeeeeeeee
  8. afrillisdark

    i love the 80's & 90's

    post pics and/or memories from the brightest neon-est? loudest shiniest childhood ever. toys food candy cartoons and shows and movies clothes etc 80's and 90's only.... here's some pics to get you guys started
  9. afrillisdark

    dirty joke thread

    lets hear `em guys ok my first contribution Lulu was a prostitute, but she didn't want her grandma to know. One day, the police raided a whole group of prostitutes at a sex party in a hotel, and Lulu was among them. The police took them outside and had all the prostitutes line up along...
  10. afrillisdark

    for love or money?

    ....... what would you choose? something you love (person/job/etc) or money (being single/shitty job/etc) give us ur answer and if u want post a scenario for more answers. ex.. 1. would you choose a girl that you love or would you choose a billion dollars? and you can only have one? 2...
  11. afrillisdark

    homosexuality (mature 18+ enter cautiously)

    Sooooo I’ve done some research. I looked up why people think homosexuality is wrong….. so in my best effort I will try to prove it wrong..... i know i've only done two articles but im sure i'll be happy to prove more when i have more time...
  12. afrillisdark

    upsetting results reactions/feelings to election

    u mad? whats going on thru ur mind?.... be it about anything upsetting like the presidents or the propositions. lets hear it
  13. afrillisdark

    did your parents ever spank you?

    soooo guysssssssssss..... did you get spanked? do you think the kids who got spanked came out better or worse?
  14. afrillisdark

    prop 8

    prop 8 = banning gay marriage ______________________________________________________ personally i am voting: NO on prop 8...... all the reasons to vote NO are pretty...
  15. afrillisdark

    whats in ur pocket?

    i feel like this is going to be a fail thread post whats in ur pocket.... anyways this is whats in my pocket today =D win
  16. afrillisdark

    nsb party? wat?

    it wasnt my idea..... but the drunk photo thread makes everyone seem like a whole lotta fun. if u guys are serious.. then say sumthing. if not then close this thread.
  17. afrillisdark

    splurging guilt

    i'd put this on what killed my day, but it didnt cuz im pretty happy too lol. post what made u SORTA KINDA feel bad for using ur money on it.
  18. afrillisdark

    community college

    you can close this thread as soon as i get an answer if u want... soooo i go to LBCC, and parking there is like insane, i have a class T&TH at 8 in the morning and it ends around whenever it ends sometimes 830 sometimes 9, perhaps 10. my next class is at 1 in the afternoon, i dont want to...
  19. afrillisdark

    things to go on fro-yo

    i know this is random but lets see how long this thread will last and wat you come up with.... what do you think would make an awesome fro-yo (frozen yogurt) topping? or what do you think should just be on all the time? i say.. funnel cake bits... and churro bits... smashed up waffle...
  20. afrillisdark

    pi day

    .. well.. i think that people should not forget the holiday pi day. 3.14 PI DAY. my entire school celebrated it. we had a pi fest. it was awesome. and ppl missed class and left class whenever they felt to go to the math departments and celebrate pi day.. me and my friends went to korean...