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    SAMPLE sales

    Has anyone ever found any SBs at the sample sales here in england??
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    UK heads FESTIVALS!

    So any of you other UK heads goin to any festivals this summer??? Im going to reading and V. Already been to the Isle of wight! It may be frickin expensive but a weekend that you never forget is woth alot of money in my eyes! Just sold ALOT of heat to get my tickets sorted!
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    Custom Supreme lows

    i found this whilst on the web they look pretty cool IMO and hes gotta a lot balls tryin out a custom on premes! i know this is prob an old picture so if this has already been posted about then please forgive me sorry modes for posting it the wrong place!
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    hi,I was just wondering how different it is in the US because the drinking age is 21 where in england its 18 but here in england most people from 15 upwards drink. Im 15 and my parents let me drink and buy it for me when i need it for a party. How is underage drining viewed in the US
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    Swoosh.sta's pile of dunks

    This is my collection after being thinned down a bit. Savin up for some londons or denims