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  1. DereckSayz

    Well Fed Lasered Deck

    Limited to Five. Laser Engraved deck By Well Fed. $300 Each. To buy one Email: Well Fed: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Store: Instagram...
  2. DereckSayz

    Show me your board

    Post your set up here. Photo: Deck: Grip: Hardware: Trucks: Wheels: Bearings: And everything inbetween. (If there's a thread like this already, you alread know what to do.) My set up at the moment: (Deck is brand new, just got it a week ago.) Deck: Leo Romero Stay Gold Toy Machine Grip...
  3. DereckSayz

    It\'s been a while

  4. DereckSayz

    Do your worst.

    Every week we should make or find a new picture to make captions for. This week:
  5. DereckSayz

    It\'s that time once again!

    Picture isn't up yet but the sale is. Huf Suprise Packs!!! Post the amount you sent in, then post what you get, you know the drill. Good Luck!
  6. DereckSayz

    MLB Thread!

    Discuss all things Major League Baseball. Favorite Teams, Favorite Players, ect. It's almost April so it's about that time to get into the game again!! Just so you guys know, It's all about the Braves for me. ;)
  7. DereckSayz

    Happy Saint Patrick\'s Day.

    Happy Saint Patties Day everyone! Everyone be safe and all that stuff!
  8. DereckSayz

    The Unofficial NSB BEER FEST Thread.

    At the moment Oscar and I are working out an idea to create an NSB members only BEERFEST. Idea came from him saying I couldn't out drink him and lead to me saying we should just get a bunch of NSB guys to make it happen. The Idea is only in the works at the moment, Since Oscar doesn't have...
  9. DereckSayz

    The Pussy Thread

    Cat Hugging His Teddy Bear
  10. DereckSayz

    DereckSayz V.2

    He has no emotion, do your worst. And I'll post Hipster tits every now and then.
  11. DereckSayz

    Skate Shoe Evolution Thread

    So I had another genious idea for another one of my succesful threads. (haha) This thread is dedicated to posting up the evolution of your skate shoes going from Dead Stock to Thrashed. A lot of shoes look awesome after skating them for a while, which me myself and others like to see in shoes...
  12. DereckSayz

    Your Skate History Thread

    If there's already a thread like this, blah blah blah blah blah, you know what to do, mods. So Today while watching some old videos I stumbled upon while looking through my drawers, I thought to my self I wonder how others had gotten started with skating? That lead to me creating this...
  13. DereckSayz

    It's that time again.

  14. DereckSayz

    LEGIT CHECK: Supreme Bruins

    Finally got a camera to take these pictures after a long time of having these, I ran em through a legit check before I got them but seller failed to give me an inside tag photo. Although they passed a legitimacy check before, and they look fine from what I see, It's always nice to double...
  15. DereckSayz

    Woah woah woah....

    Art - Clothing - Photography - Design All in one sub forum? Talk about a cluttered up mess. Can we get those separated again? Why even put them all together? That's like adding the trench to general discussion...
  16. DereckSayz

    Sleep Paralysis

    "][/media][/URL] I get this maybe once or twice every other month. It's usually not a big deal to me but I had the worst sleep paralysis Thursday while trying to take a nap. Does anyone else have this? I know there is a couple people that have...
  17. DereckSayz

    LC Supreme Bruin black. I don't think the pictures are properly tagged but there is 1 hour left on the item and before I even think about bidding I should just try to get a quick legit check. Either way I might just bid and if...
  18. DereckSayz

    New chat

    I get in the new chat and no one is inside, but it says there are people in it. I got banned from chat?
  19. DereckSayz

    LC on Air Max 1 QS

    Well I bought these off ebay, and I've never owned a pair of air maxs nor do I know ANYTHING about them and what I'd have to look for to tell whether they're legit or not. I put them on and they just feel weird, might be just because they're different shoes, but there is just...
  20. DereckSayz

    NEW DSi XL Not sure if I'll be getting it, but with built in web browsing I'm considering it. I see it being better then the PSP and maybe a bit better then iPod Touch, IMO. But since it's a Nintendo product there is probably gonna be a bunch of...